Careless Cutie Hypnotically Coaxed to Collect Camel Droppings

I’m feeling pretty crappy today and need to get something off my chest.

Lord knows I spent a good chunk of time writing that podcast breakdown I sent out yesterday. And at first, I thought I did a pretty good job.

But that was before I received an email from LHF subscriber, Brad, who was kind enough to re-write my summary by adding in some of the pertinent points I skipped over.

But there was nothing “kind” about what he did.

I was left wondering if we were even describing the same podcast, when, from out of nowhere, he slapped a humiliating rear naked choke upon my feeble analysis… compressing its carotids until it was forced to tap out in shame.

After this brutal evisceration, he added insult to injury by tossing its still-warm carcass into a nearby wood chipper.

The wood chipper proceeded to go “brrrrrrrr.”


Good lord! I haven’t quite finished the first 10 minutes of your conversation with that poor girl, “Johanna” and it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Obviously, she contacted you with the expectation of conversation with a high power hypnotist, was still very young and insecure in her job as a blogger, hypnosis, life and almost certainly had the little deep down feeling you were “analyzing/fiddling” in her mind, already (that’s what a lot of people do when they meet someone like a psychologist), and started by offering that she was a good subject right away.

She started by making the mistake with your name and you directed her right off and started shooting suggestions at her in almost every sentence. It continues through the history lessons as you integrate your pretalk into your life story and in the pretalk you add a lot of stuff she has to focus on that is just irrelevant.
You could see her fading into trance almost immediately. You do it so gracefully, it is really impressive.

You pretty much hijacked the podcast and the next 12 minutes she almost said nothing and when she did, she sounded like a little girl and her eyes were blinking pretty seriously. Had you asked permission to do this when she called to arrange the blog? I guess she wasn’t angry because you got to use her cam feed.

Between 20 and 30 minutes she is nodding yes to everything you are saying and you are still talking ‘dirty’, but in a clinical sounding framework and suggesting others are doing things, so she is imagining all this for herself. By 44 minutes, you could have sent her to Egypt to collect camel droppings. She seemed to recover some at the end.

It was almost unbelievable how her mouth hardly changed thru the whole video. She probably felt she had been so lucky to find you and not have to ask a lot of questions to keep things going. Do you think she ever actually figured out what happened to her?

After that display, I hope you never go into the used car business. Hats off to you.



Well, there you have it. A most astute analysis, I’d say. And while you may never dethrone Brad as the ultimate purveyor of truth and scrutiny, you can easily learn to cast all the spells I unleashed upon the innocent little podcast cutie.

It’s all explained right here…


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