Naughty conversational hypnosis decoded

I’ve been super busy these past two weeks working with all the lockdown prisoners who won a fr-ee coaching session.

And as much as I want to be lazy today and binge-watch Breaking Bad, I promised to break down the conversational hypnosis techniques you saw me use in last week’s podcast.

(Fun fact about me: I don’t have a TV in my house because it would be a massive distraction. But now that I’m sitting in front of a 90 inch flatscreen with a Bose theater system, I’m tempted to waste all those years of my life I’ve been putting off wasting.)

Ok, let’s jump right in…

(and if you missed the email with the podcast link, check your spam box or drop me a line and I’ll resend it)

First off, I’ve been getting tons of requests for a conversational hypnosis product. If you’re interested in learning this skill-set, then buckle up, because you’ll learn a lot from this breakdown.

Now… before you attempt to influence anyone, you’ll need to first “link up” with them on a subconscious level. In hypnosis-speak, we call this “getting rapport with your subject.”

This is an extensive topic, so I’m gonna skip over it for now.

After you have rapport (and your subject’s attention), you can start to go to work.

So let’s talk about the interview….

The conversational hypnosis started when Johanna asked me about Mindvana.

The first thing I did was create a plausible context for what I was about to say (to avoid sounding weird when attempting to elicit emotional states).

I said something like, “Ok, here’s how Mindvana works. Let’s say you and I were dating…”

This is equivalent to directly telling her to “imagine we’re a couple,” and makes everything I’m about to say acceptable (since it’ll be cloaked in the context of a Mindvana explanation).

Are you following me? With that simple line, I’ve created a greenhouse where I can start planting my ideas and concepts without any resistance.

I’ll use this same approach at certain stages in the Mindvana process. I’ll say, “For this next part, I’m going to pretend that we’ve been dating for a while so I’ll be speaking to you as if you were my girlfriend.”

Once I do that, I can start describing what sex with me will feel like (along with lots of other crazy stuff you can’t say to a stranger) and the girl won’t bat an eyelash.

Getting back to the interview, I also made sure to shift my tone of voice while using the language patterns. I slowed down a bit and dropped my pitch.

This accomplishes a few things:

1. Speaking in this way tends to naturally lead someone into a trance state (no induction necessary). And since I know she’s been hypnotized in the past, there’s a 90% chance that her brain is already primed to go into trance when she hears anyone speaking like this (which makes things even easier for me).

2. My voice tone will also act as an anchor/trigger for trance when I use it again in the future.

3. Lastly, the change in tone tells her (in a subtle way) to really pay attention to what I’m saying.

(And you can see her go into trance if you watch closely.)

Next, I started using a combination of descriptive language and embedded commands to create the emotional states I wanted her to experience.

I set the stage with a scene that’s completely normal and easy to imagine: coming home from work stressed out and saying hello to your boyfriend.

Regarding the choice of emotional states, I started off with something gentle and innocuous (the feeling of relaxation and inner peace) to avoid any possible resistance.

(Saying, “as soon as you walk through the door, I immediately yank your pants off and bend you over the couch,” is obviously too much, too soon. You need to ease into the sex-ual stuff, or you’ll come across uncalibrated and creepy.)

Now I start describing the emotions I want her to feel. I said something like:

“As I wrap my arms around you, I whisper something in your ear… and instantly, your whole body starts to relax… you feel your muscles soften… and all that tension starts to drain away. You feel completely peaceful and warm all over… and you start to smile inside because you just feel so good.”

I’m simply describing the state I want, the same way you’ve seen me do it in the Mindvana videos.

I’m also using a conversational hypnosis technique called “embedded commands” (which are taught both in Mindvana and the Mastermind Program).

This is where you mark out certain phrases by using a slightly different tone of voice, so the subject’s subconscious mind pays more attention to them and starts to act upon them.

(The commands in the above description were italicized so you can easily pick them out.)

I’m essentially telling her subconscious to “make her muscles soften, then make her feel peaceful and warm, and then make her smile and feel really good.”

Now… once I’ve elicited the state I want, I’ll create an anchor/trigger for it. I do this by repeating a simple phrase like “just relax” or whatever else I choose. Then I’ll intensify the state a bit and repeat the phrase a few times (to strengthen it).

I then took her through the same process for other emotional states, like feeling sexy and beautiful, and having really sensitive skin that feels amazing when I touch it. I described the states I was after (using embedded commands and a hypnotic voice tone), intensified them, and set anchors/triggers for them.

None of this is complicated… it just takes a little practice.

Here’s something else I did: after setting an anchor, I would drop what I was doing and go right back to talking about other things using my normal voice tone.

Then when I went back to my Mindvana explanation, I’d use my hypnotic voice again while firing off the triggers I set (to bring back the emotions I elicited earlier).

If you have the 7-Day Quick Start Course, then you’ll recognize exactly what I’m doing. Do you remember what this technique is called? (Don’t make me bust out the dunce cap.)

It’s called oscillation (most trainers call it “fractionation”). I’m taking her in and out of trance multiple times (which deepens each succeeding trance) – I’m just simply doing this conversationally.

And throughout the process, I took a girl who I’ve never spoken to before and made her imagine what it would be like to be my girlfriend… to be touched, kissed and feel amazing in my presence… all in a completely natural way that wasn’t weird or creepy.

If you can get someone to first imagine doing what you want them to do (and have them think it’s their own idea), then you’re already halfway home.

My goal was to do another series of descriptions at the end of the interview that were more sex-ual in nature while continuing to amp up the pleasure sensations. Unfortunately, she cut things short after an hour so I didn’t get a chance to take things further. Our love was never given a chance to blossom.

Heartbreaking, indeed. I’ll need years of therapy. ;(

So that covers a big chunk of what I was doing. I’m sure I used some other techniques I can’t remember off the top of my head (like presupps, tag questions, sex-ual innuendo, etc.). But this is more than enough to get the wheels in your own head turning.

Hopefully it inspired you to start using this material, yourself.

And everything I just covered is explained in The Mindvana Method. I simply modified the techniques slightly so I could use them conversationally. Again, there’s nothing special about any of it.

And one last point… to be perfectly honest, what you saw me do in the podcast wasn’t that great.

I was simply riffing some patterns off the top of my head without putting much thought into them. If I thought about them beforehand, I could have scripted something that would have sounded much better.

But the point is, you can still be effective without being perfect, as long as you understand the principles behind what you’re trying to accomplish.

Hope you enjoyed that.

On a side note, people have been gobbling up copies of Mindvana all throughout the lockdown, which is surprising considering I haven’t been promoting it. I guess since everyone’s sitting home bored out of their minds, they’ve finally decided to get around to things they’ve been putting off.

If you’re in the same boat and wanna devote some time to learning hypnosis, shoot me an email and let me know what you’re specifically interested in learning.

Until Canada opens up its borders, Johanna and I have to hold off on consummating our love. Which means I may have some time to put together a workshop over webcam. 😉 I’ll keep you posted.

Talk soon,


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