Condescending, ball-busting bee-atch mercilessly stomps on my tender privates

One of our female readers, who not only claims to be an experienced hypnotist, but also an experienced dominatrix, writes in to offer her services.

Responding to Tuesday’s email (about my student’s gf challenges), she wasted no time in explaining how my approach is all wrong, how Mindvana doesn’t live up to the hype, and that I’m incapable of helping men with relationship challenges, due to lacking the necessary insight that only a woman can bring to the table.

I was actually shocked she didn’t accuse me of having a tiny penis.

(Btw, she’s not a student and has no idea what’s inside the program.)

I’m not gonna bore you by posting her 5-page monstrosity, but after sifting through the inaccurate assessments, condescending snark, and multiple back-handed compliments, I uncovered this juicy blurb:

“I think Mindvana needs a woman’s touch. And not just any woman, but a woman who has a lot of insight in erotic hypnosis and who has enjoyed playing with the minds of eager, submissive men for a while now.”

After insulting me and bragging about “playing with men’s minds” she thought I’d be ecstatic to partner up. One thing’s for sure: her persuasion skills are hot garbage.

First time I had to slam down the ban hammer on a female reader. 2020 is a year of firsts, I can tell ya that.

Which brings me to today’s public service announcement…

Guys, stay FAR AWAY from dominatrix chicks. They don’t provide a useful service and they’re not improving anyone’s mental health. It’s one step below helping you shoot up.

I know “Billions” tried to make it acceptable, but there’s nothing ok about it. It’s weird and you shouldn’t put yourself in those situations.

On top of that, you don’t need to ever experiment with “submissiveness.” Letting your girl “take care of you” while you watch a game in your recliner is the only “submissive” position you should ever find yourself in.

You should also stay away from the er-otic hypnosis tracks floating around the net. While I’m sure they’re mostly harmless, they can potentially be dangerous if you’re highly suggestible, so don’t risk it.

And finally, never ever ever give an e-thot any of your hard-earned money. They’re trying to hijack your nurturing instinct while giving you nothing of value in return.

Just say no to simping.

Look… if you have a weird, embarrassing, or potentially harmful fetish, then go work with a competent professional to remove it.

(No, you don’t need to live with it. It’s just another program in your mental computer that can be removed and replaced with something much healthier.)

But here’s some advice that’s even more important…

Do NOT take dating/relationship advice from women, under any circumstances.

Listening to women is akin to following a cult leader. You’ll always a get a few useful nuggets, but then they’ll eventually tell you to do something that will completely ruin everything.

(The only caveat is a lesbian with a track record of seducing hot straight girls. But you’ll be more likely to spot the Chupacabra in the wild.)

Women have no idea why they think and act the way they do. They act first (unconsciously) and then try to rationalize their actions afterwards (often with disastrous results).

But like I said, they will almost always have SOME useful insights.

Case in point, I want to discuss something the dominatrix chick brought up, which is that many women have experienced se-xual trauma which prevents them from fully opening up and enjoying themselves in the bedroom.

In my student’s case, this could certainly be the reason his girl isn’t open to giving bj’s.

Now I made sure to include lessons in Mindvana for how to work with some of these issues, if you choose to go that route.

But here’s the thing: Mindvana wasn’t designed to be a therapeutic program. These extra lessons were added as a bonus for the guys who really want to commit themselves to learning the therapy side of hypnosis.

But it’s not easy. It takes study and practice and you should be practicing with strangers before trying to help your girl.

On top of this, you should only be helping your girl with MINOR issues. If she’s struggling with severe trauma then you shouldn’t be stepping into the therapist role, since there’s a 90% chance that doing so will cause problems in your relationship.

Instead, refer her out to a competent hypnotist. You could also send her to me, if you’d like.
And no, this won’t be for hypno o-gasms or any of that (I don’t offer se-xual hypnosis to my paying clients, nor would I ever do that with a student’s gf). This would be legitimate therapeutic hypnosis to resolve her past traumas and remove whatever obstacles are in the way of having a satisfying se-x life.

And, in case you’re wondering… why a hypnotist and not a traditional therapist?

Some girl left a nasty comment on one of my youtube videos yesterday, complaining that it brought back painful memories and needs a “trigger warning” for se-xual abuse survivors. She also claimed to have spent years in therapy in order to finally be fr-ee of her issue.

I hate to break it to her, but if she can’t watch a video on consensual er-otic hypnosis without being “triggered” then she hasn’t fully resolved her issue.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty pissed if I spent years in therapy and still had to live with my problem.

“My car’s been in the shop since ’89 but just a few more years and my brakes will be as good as new.”

Anyhoo, the stabbing pain in my testicles just came back with a vengeance (that chick wore stiletto heels). But before I go ice my nads, let me leave you with this…

We live in a world full of trigger warnings and guys who think it’s healthy to let their girlfriends peg them with strap-ons.

In other words, everybody has gone SOFT.

But the good news for YOU is that strong, hard, dominant men can effortlessly step in and clean up.

And if you want to learn how to exude these qualities, due to your ability to deliver incredibly rare, yet highly prized se-xual experiences to open-minded hotties, then the link below might be a good place to start…

>>>Learn to use hypnotic o-gasm triggers to trigger women into experiencing altered states of consciousness as they erupt with mind-blowing se-xual pleasure

P.S. If you do decide to purchase Mindvana, please be aware that letting your girl strap one on instantly voids the warranty.

Ciao for now,


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