The depressing truth about beautiful women they desperately hope to hide

I’m sad today, fam.

I was handling crazy 2020, the lockdown and the corona monster just fine. But what happened last night made me realize that the world is very sad place where dreams of love and light go to drown in an ocean of despair.

I’m embarrassed to admit this… but I just got my heart shattered into a million pieces. By a girl I’ve never met.

Make sure you have tissues nearby.

So I started working on a new video product (hush-hush for now) and was scouting models on IG.

I found an absolutely stunning little cutie (half white, half Jamaican) who made my eyes pop out of my head. No matter what type of girls you’re attracted to, you wouldn’t hesitate to rate her a 9/10.

A playboy-worthy smokeshow, for sure.

Had her hop in my zoom room so I could give her the deets. But when I let her inside, I quickly clenched my jaw to avoid blurting out…

“Wait… who the f— are you?!?!?”

This gorgeous model decided to model the pathetically unfashionable, disgustingly unflattering “work from home” look, complete with baggy sweatshirt, oversized “feminist-style” eyeglasses, and scruffy hair tucked up in a bun.

Other than the skin tone, the girl was completely unrecognizable from her pictures. I’m not a fan of rating women, but for the sake of discussion, let’s just say she was a 5, at best.

Like just an average girl in every way. Like if she tripped down a flight of stairs and fell right in your lap you wouldn’t even notice.

And right before the tears of gut-wrenching heartache streamed down my face, I managed to shoot off a quick text in the zoom chat, requesting the only remedy that could right this horrible wrong:

“Pls show bobs and vagene. 12ft peenis no bonering so good.”

And, of course, she left me on read. ;(

Here’s the deal…

Take almost any beautiful girl and strip away the hair, clothes, and makeup so you can scrutinize her up close under bright lights, and you’ll find so many flaws and imperfections you could easily charge her criminally for a blatant bait-and-switch job.

The hottest girls you see on IG are most often 7’s at best. Por-n stars are often 4’s and 5’s hiding under heavy makeup (I’ve seen a ton of them up close. Trust me.)

The point is, what passes for “beauty” these days is mostly an illusion. And it’s one of the reasons that even the most beautiful women are insanely insecure. They realize that the guy they went home with last night won’t be too happy to see them fresh out of the shower.

So what’s the lesson here?

If you want to date beautiful girls, then you need to desensitize yourself to their beauty and start treating them like normal human beings.

I spent years of my life going to clubs but what helped me even more was getting into photography and spending hours shooting sex-y girls (often nude).

Even more helpful was the Mindvana project, where I was forced to select from over a hundred eager applicants all competing to be featured in my instructional, um, dry humping tutorial.

The more time you spend around beautiful girls, the less of an effect they’ll have on your limbic system. And nothing will desensitize you faster than being in a relationship with a true beauty.

10/10 Highly recommended.

The point is this… beautiful girls are acutely aware that their beauty is mostly an illusion and want to be with a man who understands this but loves them anyway, flaws and all. And when you start treating the mega-hotties just like any other girl, you’ll come across as far more attractive to them.


Because the hotties prefer dating men who typically date beautiful women. And men like this are highly desensitized to female beauty, since they’re fully aware of their sneaky “tricks.”

I remember years ago when I was interviewing Ashley #1 (from my “models talk se-x” series on youtube) who was complaining that she looked like crap due to a night of heavy drinking.

I thought she looked stunningly beautiful and told her so. To which she furrowed her brow and replied…

“Maaaaaaay Kupppppp!”

Makeup. It’s the devil’s paintbrush.

So go forth and desensitize yourself as much as you can. But just don’t go TOO far or you might develop a severe allergy to unattractive women, like the sitting US president.

At a campaign rally this week, Trump commented on corona…

“I went through it. Now I feel so powerful I’ll walk into that audience. I’ll walk in there, I’ll kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful woman and the — I’ll just give you a big fat kiss.”

He’ll kiss almost everyone – even the men. But never an ugly girl. Not even for votes.

Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t say the guy isn’t hysterical.

Now once the illusory power of beauty no longer holds sway over you, you can then hook the beauties by giving them an experience no other man can deliver.

Step 1 is up to you. But I’d be most happy to help with that tricky second step…

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Ciao for now,


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