Cult tactics part 3 – pimping them out

As I mentioned a couple weeks back, all students of hypnosis should check out “The Vow” on HBO (about the NXIVM guy who convinced women to brand his initials on their bodies).

And while the NXIVM story is pretty outrageous, keep in mind that almost all successful organizations use similar tactics to grow their member base.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the tools they use to motivate and inspire can be also used to manipulate and enslave. And without understanding how they work, you won’t be able to protect yourself.

Let’s take a look at another one…

One of the best ways to lock someone down for a lifetime is getting them to commit their life to a cause. People need to feel like their lives have meaning and significance and will typically feel the best when they’re contributing to their communities and the greater good of the planet.

(Interestingly enough, committing yourself to a greater purpose is deeply healing, in and of itself, since a lack of purpose can lead to a variety of emotional difficulties. This might be why so many people are eager to flock to these movements to begin with.)

If you want your movement to be successful, you should help your members feel like they’re having a positive impact on the world. And since people also tend to have a strong desire to be part of a community that makes them feel accepted and cared about, you can kill 2 birds with one stone by structuring your cult properly.

In the case of NXIVM, the members believed they could change the world by spreading the leader’s self-help methodologies and helping people alleviate their emotional pain, which is something that many people would be proud to be a part of.

(Side note: it’s seems that most of the “tech” they were using was a mixture of Scientology and NLP, which makes sense, considering Nancy Salzman was a NLP master practitioner.)

Almost all cults get people hooked by first getting them onboard with an inspiring agenda. When you look at groups like BLM and Antifa, I assume that many people flocked to them because they wanted to do good things for their communities (and they probably did, at first).

But once you have people committed to your cause, you can start convincing them make all kinds of crazy decisions, from committing arson to handing over complete control of their lives to another individual.

And what’s even crazier is how they’ll happily justify their actions, afterward.

The girls in the se-x cult part of NXIVM were trained to completely give up control of their lives to their handlers. They had to ask permission to do the tiniest things and weren’t allowed to make any decisions for themselves, whatsoever. And the more they participated, the more enslaved they became.

The point is, once someone is fully committed to your cause, you’ll have a massive amount of leverage to steer them in any direction you choose. And the more they invest themselves in the movement, the harder it will be for them to ever leave.

One of the ex-NXIVM girls from the show was devastated after she decided to finally walk away. She said it felt like she lost her life’s core purpose.

And if you know anything about “identity” and how much a deep identity change can throw off someone’s entire life, you’ll understand just how traumatizing this can be. You can’t just walk away and expect to go back to normal functioning.

So… how can we protect ourselves from this tactic and possibly even use it to our advantage? (To do GOOD things, of course. I’d never suggest using it as a manipulation tactic.)

The best way is to commit yourself to a higher purpose and live a life that’s in accordance with your most important values.

(However, YOU should decide what direction to go in. Be wary of anyone trying to sell you on their vision of how your life should be.)

Once you’ve committed to a purpose of your choosing, it’ll be nearly impossible for someone to get their hooks into you and steer you off course.

Doing this will also help you tremendously in your dating life. Since most women are seeking a higher purpose for their own lives, you could “sell” the women you date on YOUR life purpose.

Pimps use the same tactic with malicious intent. They’ll make a girl fall in love, then sell her on the dream of working hard (aka: selling her body) for a few years so they can finally retire rich and travel the world in style. It’s all a lie, of course, and he’ll keep her on the track until she’s too old to make him money, which is when she’ll be quickly discarded and replaced.

But yes, you should always be selling the women in your life on your own goals and visions. And it doesn’t have to be a lofty one, like a Bezos-style global takeover. You can sell her on your vision for your small business, a charity organization you’re looking to start, or even just the goal of moving though the world together as a solid team as you raise a beautiful family together.

But no matter what you choose, never forget to sell her on your vision of unlimited multiple o-gasms, and the kind of mindblowing se-xual pleasure that would make her laugh in the face of any of cult that tried to recruit her.

And you can learn how to birth this vision into reality by clicking the link below…

>>>How to be a woman’s ultimate gooroo by running your very own se-x cult from the comfort of your bedroom

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