Would you hit a girl if she said THIS to you…

Some kid posted a funny youtube comment in response to the Masha video…

“Speech level: 50000000, Aggression: 300”

It’s a goofy gamer joke, but I lol’d.

And speaking of aggression, in case you weren’t aware, most women are absolutely starved for male dominance.

Men have been relentlessly programmed in our society to “respect” women, which has led to 90% of guys acting like timid little boys around the hotties they’re attracted to.

And this is unfortunate, because when a woman senses that a man is capable of aggression (even to the point of violence), she’ll often feel far more attracted to said man. She just can’t help herself.

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to demonstrate this masculine quality.

For example, when one of your subjects is having trouble achieving a hypnotic o-gasm, being a bit more “forceful” can help bring them over the edge (as I’ve demonstrated many times in Mindvana.)

I also explain how to use this approach properly in the bedroom in my “Loving Obsession Protocol.”

And while it’s vitally important (for many reasons) to show this side of yourself, you also need to be careful to not get carried away.

Thanks to the complete degeneration of modesty and morality, many women are extremely open about their sexuality these days, to the point where they will flat out say to you:

“I like to be slapped around in bed.”

And with some girls who are heavily into this, if you’re not willing to go all out and give them what they want, you won’t be getting a second chance to fix your disappointing bedroom performance.

Such a conundrum. What to do???

When a girl says, “I like to be slapped around in bed,” I recommend that you flash a Bruce Willis smirk and say…

“Of course you do,” and then change the subject. And then when you’re eventually in bed together, do NOT hit her. Ever.

You can be AGGRESSIVE. You can toss her around like a rag doll. You can raise your voice and command her to perform certain acts. You can even lock eyes and stare at her like a rabies-infected rottweiler.

But even lightly slapping her in the face can come back to haunt you.

I don’t care if your lawyer drafts a 90-page legal doc for your consensual BDSM party. If your girl gets in front of a judge and says, “he hit me, your honor,” there’s no excuse that will save your ass from many long nights of non-consensual prison lovin.

It’s just not worth it. You’re better off losing the girl than taking the risk, especially if you notice any signs of BPD (or other personality disorders).

The good news is, after you study my material, you’ll know exactly how to blow a girl’s mind in the bedroom without ever having to raise your aggression level over 300.

And you can start by clicking the link below…

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