Cult tactics part 4 – Building trust in the sneakiest way possible

As much as I enjoyed scouring the internet to procure an obscure plethora of penis euphemisms for your reading pleasure, I can’t let myself wander too far off into goofball territory.

So today, I’m pulling myself back into serious-mode so I can teach you something that’s actually useful. Time to man up and step on brass tacks, or something like that.

As much as I thought I’d blow right through “The Vow,” I’ve had to force myself to watch the last few episodes.

The story bores me to tears and I can’t stand any of the other cast members besides Keith (the founder) who fascinates me.

(I say “cast members” because this alleged “documentary” features worse acting than most Lifetime movies).

Thankfully, about once every 3 episodes I’ll finally learn something interesting.

A few weeks ago, they interviewed a girl Keith was dating when he originally founded NXIVM. And the story of how they met is rather unusual.

He was running some MLM company at the time and this woman (who worked for the company) was called into his office to discuss work stuff.

And even though this was the first conversation they’ve ever had, Keith offered to help her kick her smoking habit on the spot.

We’re never told what happened during that meeting but hypnosis was obviously involved, since the woman said the session felt like it ran 20min tops (it lasted hours) and that she had no recollection of what happened during that time.

Now maybe he’s a super talented hypnotist, or maybe the girl was just a natty (aka: an amazing hypnosis subject). I also have no idea if the hypnosis session helped him build attraction in any way, since he was already a powerful authority figure at the company and she was most likely already attracted to him.

But I do know this…

It never hurts to hypnotize a girl you’re romantically interested in.

Not only that, but barring some unexpected abreaction (which is highly unlikely to happen), there’s a very strong chance it will HELP your seduction efforts, even if all you do is guide the lucky lady through a simple stress reduction session.

Here’s why…

Many hypnosis teachers will recommend that you focus on getting rapport with a subject before you hypnotize them…

But one of my old mentors taught me that the most powerful level of rapport won’t start to manifest until AFTER the hypnosis session.

It’s similar to the bond that develops between a patient and their therapist, but when hypnosis is involved, it happens much faster.

And this bond can develop just from putting some in a guided trance for any reason at all (it doesn’t need to be a therapeutic session).

There’s something about the trance process, itself, that makes your subjects feel very connected to you and fosters a deep sense of trust.

Which, of course, an unscrupulous person can then use for nefarious purposes.

All of these cult dudes use a combination of persuasion tactics (including the authority principle and social proof) along with some form of hypnosis.

The good news is, you’ll never need to risk coming off as weird or creepy (like trying to use a therapy session to score a date) since you can offer to show a woman some laid-back street-style hypnosis, a guided meditation, or a Mindvana-style pleasure enhancement session (highly recommended 😉).

When a filthy-rich oligarch decides to seduce some smokeshow model/actress type, he’ll usually whisk her away on his yacht to some exotic destination, completely removing her from her world so he can wrap her in a bubble of intense emotions and exciting new experiences.

Mindvana is just another way to remove a woman from her current reality so you can deliver powerful emotions and sensations, and its slightly less expensive than a 2-month stay in Tahiti. (Poor man’s oligarchal-style seduction?)

Hypnosis works, fam, which is why all cult leaders (from Reneire to Robbins) use some form of it to hook their followers. It’s a proven recipe.

And if you want to learn how to wield this recipe responsibly, so you’ll never have to worry about getting locked up for money laundering (and branding your initials on underage girls)…

…then you’ll enjoy the home study course that people have been calling “mandatory training for aspiring cult leaders” and “more exciting than beating off in front of your co-workers.”

But to be on the safe side, please be sure to “mute your camera” before clicking this naughty little link…

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