The secret sexxx-ual society hiding in plain sight

Yesterday’s email seems to have triggered one man’s deep-seated traumas…


“One of your best emails yet, slt whisperer. In my 20s i spent 7 years as a male strip tease artist and i can tell you, the ways those women behaved and the amount of non-consensual dik grabs and even worse I received during this time makes Harvey Weinstein look like a saint.

And as you say, I wasn’t even offered a million-dollar movie role for my abuse. Keep telling it how it is.” – Rob


Women are experts at hiding their insatiable se-x drives, due to the punishing social consequences of being perceived as “slu**y.” But when they’re behind closed doors with the RIGHT kind of man, the normally repressed side of them will finally burst forth.

Just a warning that you may have troubling stomaching today’s teaching tale. Make sure you have some Pepto standing by.

One of my friends from back in the day recently asked me to coach her kid, since he was having a hard time acclimating to college life.

During one of our sessions he asked for help with his extracurricular activities…

“I have some questions about girls. I saw your videos on youtube so I know you can help me with the se-x stuff.”

My reputation precedes me. Now what, pray tell, was this kid’s problem?

Two girls stopped by his dorm under the guide of “studying” and proceeded to proposition him for a 3-some. As things progressed, one of the girls decided to just sit back and watch the show (because the little angel felt bad about cheating on her boyfriend for the fifteenth time that week), and the added pressure of the second set of eyeballs interrupted the flow and made the kid too self-conscious to do his thing.

In my line of work, we call this a “high-quality problem.” One which I never had the good fortune of experiencing back when I was a wee lad.

And while situations like this have certainly become more commonplace due to the explosion of po*n culture, truth be told, girls of all ages have always acted this way around certain types of men.

This kid, for example, is tall, good looking, athletic, connected with the right frat, and highly social. In other words, he’s the kind of guy that college girls fling pu**y at.

Years back when I was immersed in the world of pick up artistry, one of the guys featured in Neil Strauss’ book “The Game” spilled the beans on an underground network that was so deeply tucked away in the shadows, it made the Illuminati look like a Harry Potter meetup group.

After spending years immersing himself in nightlife culture, he discovered that, not only were 5% of the men sleeping with 90% of the women (and right out in the open), but that the girls were more than happy to be passed around for the night whenever their turn came up.

He called this the “secret society” and spent over a decade of his life trying to infiltrate the circle.

Now, in my opinion, the worst thing about this secret world isn’t that guys like you and I have always been excluded from it…

…but that its female members will compete with each other to perform the most depraved se-xual acts possible with the top “5%,” and then go straight home to their boyfriends and husbands and complain that they don’t like giving bj’s.


And this leads me to today’s urgent PSA…

As my good buddy Dr. Poonslayer always says, “You’ve gotta make them do crazy sh*t!”

Meaning that: If your girl isn’t getting wild with YOU, then she’s most certainly doing so with guys like Rob and Doc Poosey.

(Kinda like how Cesar Milan warns that if you slack off on walking your dog, you should expect to come home to a house full of chewed-up furniture.)

Now since the global lockdown has (thankfully) made it impossible for you to waste the next decade of your life chasing after drunken club girls, you might be interested in checking out the ninja-level strategies embedded throughout the Mindvana Method and the Loving Obsession Protocol…

…which will not only show you how to activate a woman’s hidden wild side and make her crave to be depraved with YOU and you alone…

…but will help you make up for lost time and start enjoying the se-xual lifestyle that all men deserve but only a select few will ever experience.

But ONLY if you’re willing to put the work in and start doing these 2 things:

  1. Start behaving like a 5% man outside the bedroom
  2. Learn to activate the insatiable se-xual desires hidden deep inside a woman’s psyche

And if you wanna learn how, the link below will pull back the curtain and light up the darkness…

>>>Pick up the roadmap to being treated like a top 5% male, whether you want to devote all your time to one woman or get passed around town like a prized piece of meat

Ciao for now,


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