Smashing your 2 biggest barriers to hypnotic success with my sexy new hypnosis method

A few weeks ago, someone wrote in with a few questions about the Mindvana Method.

He was on the fence about purchasing it, due to two big issues that were holding him back.

It wasn’t surprising, since almost everyone who’s interested in learning hypnosis struggles with these 2 challenges.

Chances are, you do, too.

I know I did, but I was lucky enough to be “forced” into scoring a quick win that motivated me to keep learning.

I’ll never forget my very first success…

I was hanging out with Doc Poosy and a girl he was dating at the time. At some point, she mentioned that she participated in a stage hypnosis show and couldn’t remember a thing, afterwards.

Since I had just taken a stage workshop in Chicago, my buddy put me on the spot and forced me to demonstrate what I had learned.

To be honest, without the proverbial gun to my head I wouldn’t have even tried. I had zero confidence in my abilities and was scared sh*tless of screwing everything up.

But after a highly entertaining performance, which included gluing the poor girl to the couch and making her believe Dr. Pooz was Brad Pitt in disguise, I felt like the greatest showman on planet Earth.

And I became obsessed with learning more.

That’s how I personally got past the 2 biggest barriers to learning hypnosis:

1: The time required to study and practice (I dropped big bucks on a live workshop) and…

2: The fear of failing and looking stupid (I was forced to perform without a safety net and got lucky that my first attempt happened to be with a well-trained subject.)

The guy who wrote to me had the same issues. Not only was he working two jobs but he was terrified of “messing up” in front of his wife and looking like a fool for even trying.

I’ve been fully aware of these common challenges long before I birthed LHF. My #1 goal was to make the learning process easy enough that anyone can start getting results with the least amount of study and practice time necessary.

My fr-ee mini-inductions video helped accomplish this by giving beginners an easy-to-pull-off approach which works consistently well on almost everyone.

But you still need to memorize a lot of wording, and newbies still worry they’re going to screw everything up in the most embarrassing way possible.

Same thing with the 7-Day Quick Start Course and the Mindvana Method… while they will both shorten your learning curve tremendously, you can’t expect to wield these tools like a pro without spending hours of your time watching the videos and absorbing the material.

But then the epiphany finally showed up…

On one weird day in early October, from out of nowhere, a large, shiny light bulb shot out of my big, thick skull, plopping me down at my desk as my fingers blitzkrieged my delicate keyboard.

By day’s end, I was looking at a new induction method that “Frankensteined” together some core components of the Mindvana Method into a slimmer and sexier package.

I then took my sexy new creation and tested it out on some sexy subjects, tweaking the heck out of it until it was darn near-foolproof.

And now I firmly believe my new method will have you hypnotizing total strangers like a pro while scoring your first big “win” on your very first attempt.

I call this method “Mindvana Lite,” since it’s a stripped down (and “PG”) version of the Mindvana Method that you can use anywhere on anyone (unlike Mindvana, it’s even safe for family get-togethers).

And the best part is, there’s almost nothing to memorize. All you’ll need to do is simply read off a script on your cell phone.

Yeah, yeah… I know “scripts” are considered sacrilegious these days, and truth be told, I refuse to hand out scripts at my live workshops until the very end (so they can’t be used as crutches).

But memorizing a complex induction (like the Elman induction) is a lot to ask of someone, especially when they’re brand new to all of this.

On top of that, most scripts are total garbage and force you to take your attention off your subject (which interferes with the connection and rapport).

Well, not only did I solve these problems, but I went one step further…

Just like in the full Mindvana Method, you’ll be cloaking your approach so your subject won’t have any idea you’re reading a script, nor will they even be aware they’re being hypnotized.

And this simple script will have you eliciting happiness, pleasure states, and full body tingles (complete with triggers for firing off the states whenever you want)…

PLUS… phenomena like eye-lock and arm levitation all in less than 10min…

AND… you won’t need to do a pre-induction sequence or the Elman induction…

AND… it works flawlessly over webcam (in case we’ll be locked in our houses until the end of time)…

AND… even if you’re a total newbie, you’ll enjoy a 90% success rate after just one short lesson.

(I tested this method out on 10 new girls I had never worked with before, and I had success with all 10; yet I’d never say that ANY method is 100% effective. But that doesn’t even matter because I’ll show you exactly how to recover gracefully if you end up working with a tricky subject.)

Yeah, it’s all quite impressive, if I do say so myself.

I could easily sell this approach for a few hundred bucks. But I’m going to be giving it away for free, no strings attached.

This won’t be a replacement for the full Mindvana Method, but this approach will most definitely compliment it.

In fact, you can use Mindvana Lite to approach brand new girls you don’t even know and make them feel incredible, which will open the door to doing full-blown Mindvana sessions (complete with juicy hypnotic o-gasms and all that).

I plan on releasing this early next week and, as always, my newsletter subscribers will get access before the general public.

More details coming soon. Stay tuned…


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