Embarassing hypnosis student blows it big time (new video)

Check out this short clip of my student, A.J., hypnotizing a cute girl over webcam.

He crushed the induction, which left the poor girl dizzy and on the ropes. The crowd erupted and demanded a wicked finisher.

Not being one to disappoint, he decided on the gravity-defying “arm levitator” – a classic fan-favorite that’s so deadly to soft tissue, it’s been know to rupture tendons and put an end to careers.

While his manager was busy distracting the referee, A.J. locked in a savage levitator, cranking it mercilessly as the sadistic crowd squirmed with delight.

And that’s when poor Hillary was forced to tap out.


Nah, not even close. Because A.J. blew it big time.

There was ZERO arm movement. Nothing at all. Just an ultra major, mega-embarrassingly-shameful screw-up.

And the worst part? He should have known better.

You see, most hypnosis instructors say you should only attempt phenomena when you’re 99% sure things will work. Because if you “fail,” your subject will (allegedly) lose all confidence in you and hypnosis, in general.

But thank God I’m not like other instructors. In fact, I ENCOURAGE my students to fail (and I often show off my own embarrassing failures in my programs).

In my opinion, the mark of a good hypnotist is their ability to be FEARLESS in the face of “failure.” And that’s because things don’t always go smoothly in the real world.

When you hit those roadblocks (and you WILL hit them), you need to stay calm and keep switching gears until a successful result is eventually achieved.

(Sometimes the right course of action is booting the subject out the door. But if you screen properly, this will rarely be necessary.)

Getting back to the clip… how do you think my embarrassment of a student handled this situation?

Instead of drowning in a puddle of shameful tears, he paused to think about what might have went wrong. And then he simply GAVE THE SUGGESTIONS AGAIN in a slightly different way.

Just like that, success was achieved. And the crowd went flippin’ bananas.

The ability to troubleshoot needs to be cultivated over time, but you can start by approaching your sessions with an attitude of curiosity and fearlessness.

In the meantime, go check out A.J. eliciting arm levitation, funny arm and stiff arm (these effects are part of the “Phenomena Flow” from my 7-Day Quick Start Course).

>>>Phenomena Flow Clip

And you might be shocked to learn that A.J. only just started taking private lessons with me a few weeks back.

Most budding hypnotists study for MONTHS before even attempting something as simple as an armlock. Yet, this is only the fifth time he’s ever tried to hypnotize someone – and it’s the first time he’s tried eliciting hypnotic phenomena.

I guess I forgot to tell him this stuff is crazy difficult. My bad.

Kidding aside, A.J. did an excellent job, especially for someone just starting out. Here’s his take on what happened…


“When I had that moment where I stopped and was thinking, I realized that when I first described what the arm levitation was going to be like for her I didn’t say a line to the effect of “It might be your left hand, it might be your right hand – I don’t know” (like how the ice cream induction is set up).

So when I gave the suggestion again, I made sure to specify that it was going to be a specific hand. If it wasn’t a phenomena and I was going for somnambulism, I normally would’ve just structured it like you do and covered my bases for any possibility that could’ve happened. But in that moment, I saw she just wanted to be told what to do.”


And that sums up your job as a hypnotist: “Tell ’em what to do” and expect them to comply.

P.S. Might this advice also apply to everyone you come into contact with in your day-to-day, including your romantic prospects? Just a suggestion.

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