Nearly humiliated student makes good

A few of our members commented on A.J.’s phenomena video. (If you missed my last email with the video, you can find it on the new LHF blog.)

Here’s what they had to say…


“A.J. is doing a great job! He showed patience, allowing time for the reactions to happen. He did not get stressed out over an apparent failure, (it is no failure, it is a victory because he got the experience) He did the troubleshoot cleanly, found the error and corrected it, then carried on smoothly.

I have watched some new hypnotists get visibly impatient and thus poisoned their own skit. A.J. Remained cool under pressure, not allowing his energy to go negative, thus he was easily able to recover and continue.

I don’t think most hypnosis trainers put enough training on the time you must allow for things to work sometimes. Any time you are working with the subconscious mind (SCM) you can have a delay in reactivity. It is not unusual to wait 10 seconds for the response. A.J. kept pattering, which is exactly what you do while you wait.

Of course I would expect nothing less of one of Jay’s students. I will predict A.J. will go far if he continues to practice and learn.” -Markus


Great points. As I’ve explained in my “Immaculate Perception” video, when you combine patience with proper framing, it’s impossible to “fail,” even when performing in front of a crowd.


“Maybe I’m wrong here but she seems to be playing along with him as she just starts talking in the middle of it all. He didn’t spend enough time deepening her trance state and checking she actually was in somnambulism.” -John


She definitely wasn’t zoned to the floor, but you can produce many of these effects (like arm levitation and catalepsy) with only a light trance state (somnambulism is ideal, but isn’t always needed). Even though she was a bit fidgety, she was immersed in the experience.

Also, subjects will (almost) always have the ability to speak, even in somnambulism. But when a subject is as fidgety and animated as Hillary was, you’re correct that you should spend some time deepening/stabilizing the trance state to remove some of the conscious interference.

Keep in mind that the steps I teach in the quick start course are guidelines designed to increase the probability of achieving solid results. While we strive for perfection, the process is surprisingly forgiving, so feel free to wander off the path sometimes.

And regarding arm levitation, it’s typically more difficult to achieve when starting from a completely relaxed position which is why we start from catalepsy in the Phenomena Flow. (But the way I teach this can’t be done over webcam, so you’ll have to modify the technique.) And like Markus said, sometimes it takes a while for the subconscious to produce the desired effect, so you’ll have to be patient and keep up the pattering.


“Good stuff. Kudos to A.J.” -Stephane

“He did very well” -Grayson

“Wasn’t he supposed to do eye-lock first? Or did you cut that part from the video?” -Satesh


Doing eye-lock first is ideal (since it’s a near-guaranteed success, and each success makes anything else you attempt more likely to stick). But it’s not necessary to do it first (or at all). A.J. skipped over it and went right for arm levitation.


“So did A.J. win the belt?” -Brian


Unfortunately, the levitator was recently added to the banned moves list, so A.J. was disqualified. But he’s hoping Hillary will offer up a rematch.


“I was impressed it can be done through webcamming. How do I learn to make these effects?” -Ako


The 7-Day Quick Start Course lays out all the steps for producing hypnotic phenomena like a pro. Here’s the linky-link:

>>>Learn how to glue someone’s hand to their head and make their jaw drop

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