Failing this female test will get you played like a fiddle

One of our members, John, writes in with some advice for dealing with sneaky women…


Hi Jay, I’ve never had trouble finding love but keeping the woman has been the problem, hence why I am studying your course. I have always been knowledgeable with age and study about human nature especially women.

I remember in Tenerife my woman getting too friendly with a barman who was giving us free drinks. I knew of course what was going on. Anyway the last day he gave her a very passionate kiss and I saw this happen.

Instead of punching his lights out I walked up to the waitress who had been friendly with us, told her what was happening and if he can do that then let’s show them what we can do. I took her in my arms grabbed her bottom cheeks, pressed her really close, and kissed her passionately.

You should have seen my woman jump away from the guy and she was grabbing me away from the Spanish woman in a flash. I said ‘what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.’ She has never left my side since that and years later still doesn’t.

I’m a very quiet guy and women think I’m a pushover but sometimes you have to show you’re capable of being as bad as them.


You should read that a few times to make sure you glean all the choice nuggets of wisdom contained within.

This next tale is a cautionary one – this poor fellow failed to take a page out of John’s playbook.

One of my coaching clients started dating a new girl he met through his job. After about 2 months in, she started pushing for exclusivity, stating “I’ve never slept with someone so quickly before, and I don’t feel comfortable enough to keep seeing you if you’re still sleeping with other girls.”

Personally, whenever a girl tries to lock me down, I take it as a good sign. But it’s a big no-no to commit to a girl before you’re ready. And it’s an even bigger no-no to give in to a pressure tactic.

My client already told this girl multiple times he wanted to take things slow and not rush anything (and he was honest with her about this up-front). But like a pit bull, she was relentless.

Eventually, she dropped this ultimatum: “If you’re not going to stop sleeping with other girls, then I can’t keep seeing you.” And instead of following my advice, he gave in to her demands.

Huge mistake.

To clarify, committing to a woman you care about isn’t a mistake, provided you’re ready to do so. This girl gave him a test which he completely failed (by agreeing to the opposite of what he really wanted). Once he flipped, she knew she could easily control him.

And when a woman knows she has you by the balls, the smell of your neediness makes her attraction quickly disappear.

Only a few weeks later, she let him know she would be hanging out with one of her ex-boyfriends because “he wants to sell me an air conditioner.” (lol). A couple days later, she hung out late with one of her male co-workers who had just broken up with his girlfriend and needed “consoling.” (Double LOL’S)

And what do you think happened when my client called her out by calmly stating: “If we’re going to be exclusive, I don’t feel comfortable with you hanging out with other guys when I’m not there, especially ex’s.”

Do you wanna know what this sweet little princess said?

“Oh… I thought we only agreed not to SLEEP with anyone else, but that we could still date other people.” (Triple LOL’S!!!)

And when he shockingly replied that this wasn’t at ALL what they agreed to…

“Well, I think you’re an amazing person and I’m so glad you’re in my life. But I don’t feel any real passion between us and I’m looking for something more intense. I hope we can still be friends.”

Holyyyyy Quadruple LOLOLOLOLS!!!! My sides can’t take it.

Yeah, the poor kid got played. I’m sure he made some other big mistakes, but succumbing to an ultimatum cemented his status as someone who doesn’t have the balls to stand firm and unwavering in the face of female disapproval.

Contrast this with the Tenerife John story, where he immediately showed his girl that he could easily replace her if she refused to drop her bullshit.

And while it’s not always possible to pull off a John-style move (or even have a chance to do so), you can ALWAYS choose to walk away, rather than let yourself get tooled.

Never forget that women prefer a man who carries a heavy sack of stones.

Like most guys, when faced with a ultimatum my client got scared. But if he had allowed himself to calm down and take a breath, he would have heard this:

“Well, I really like you and even though it’s too early to ask you to commit, I’m still gonna try to lock you down. And if it doesn’t work, then I’m gonna stop having sex with you because even though I like you, it will be less painful for me to end this and find someone else than to know you might sometimes hook up with other girls.”

In other words, her message made zero logical sense and was, most obviously, a thinly-disguised shit test.

What actually makes sense is this: either 1, she likes him and would prefer if he commits, but will still happily stick around if he passes her test (by NOT committing), or 2, she’s not super into him and feels like testing him to find out if he’s the kind of man she COULD eventually fall for, which means she may still decide to walk away if he doesn’t acquiesce.

And if #2 happens to be the case, then he’s better off walking away FIRST, because she’s just gonna end up cheating on him.

Regardless, there’s only 1 correct move in this situation: sticking to your guns and (gently) refusing to give in.

Ideally, you should make a joke to deflect her nonsense, and then quickly change the subject:

“Oh boy… how am I gonna explain this to the dozens of strippers that I’ve been servicing? It’s gonna break their little strippery hearts.”

And if she keeps pressing you, “I understand where you’re coming from. You’re amazing and I wanna see where this goes. But I can’t give you the commitment you’re looking for, just yet. These things take time and whenever I’ve rushed things in the past, they’ve gotten messy. Let’s keep spending time together and see what other incredible things are in store for us. Do you feel like Thai food tonight?”

And if she says, “Sorry but that doesn’t work for me”?

Pull her in close and start kissing her passionately. Then pull back for a second to look in her eyes and say…

“I’m really gonna miss you,” and then quickly walk away.

Check and mate.

Interacting with girls is a lot like playing chess, except you’re both on the same team. When you lose, she also loses, so believe me when I say she WANTS you to win.

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Just imagine if you had Bobby Fischer in your corner as you walked into a tournament at your local elementary school.

“Unfair advantage” is probably a solid choice of words.

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P.S. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the secret cock-blocker who just recently attempted to cock-block YOU, along with the rest of my subscribers. Stay tuned…

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