How devious hypnotists spank their subjects into submission

Marcus writes in with some advice on how to spank Yoga Girl for her jealous disobedience, along with the benefits of having a front row seat to my occasional, but painful failures…


You didn’t fail Jay, she did! She failed to do the basic math. Yeah, you do it with others. Remind her that you go home with her and move on. I have run into this also, when they realize they are not the only ones you can do this with. I use it as a moment to cement them to me. Yes honey, I could replace you easily. But I don’t because I have chosen to be with you, which makes YOU the special one.

“Feel special! Thats right! Now, feel aroused. That’s right, perfect, STRONGER! Brace for impact! and now CUM!”

They eat that up like nothing else in their lives matters.

Now, on to my point for this response to Jay’s whining and crying about having to spend time with a beautiful Russian babe, who worships him so much she sacrifices her own pleasure to be jealous. A babe DESPERATE to have him to herself. I suspect if Jay told her to jump out the 12th floor window to please him, she would.

I have been practicing hypnosis awhile. I took a long break for life and when I wanted to get involved again, I found Jay and his 7 day quick course, which I tell everyone about who asks me to teach them hypnosis. I took the course to refresh on the basics. It had been a few years.

So, I take Jay’s course and I find I not only got the refresher I was looking for, but something else. Jay reshaped my approach to hypnosis and hypnotic protocols. I found myself not only doing as many cool and beneficial things for people as I had done in the past, but I started to tackle things most people would never think of hypnosis to address. And I was doing it with a really shocking degree of success!

What kind of stuff nobody thought of? Like helping get diabetes not only under control, but having their totally shocked doctors take them off all medications for it as they didn’t need them anymore. (Yes, something like that the doctor and I talk regularly, before, during and after any sessions.) And so much more.

Then Jay starts the “hype” for his Mindvana course. I have taken other courses with the same claims as to what you can do, but the thing that made me buy Mindvana was this, NOBODY else would show you their failures and explain not only WHY and how they failed, but how to correct whatever was in the way. There was never any substantial trouble shooting taught in the other courses. If you ran into something, pay the teacher for private coaching.

After taking in the first 20 or so modules of Mindvana, I once again found my mind shifting. I started actively looking for girls to work with. Not hard to find them, believe me. Did I have failures? HELL YES and a LOT of them. But Jay had already armed me with a perspective that led to solving whatever issues came up. In life, the only way you live without failures is if you are doing NOTHING! I like to fail, because failure is progress as you fix things each time. You learn from it.

I have led a minimum of 15 women through Mindvana now. Each one was different than the others. There has been one real issue that Jay and I will discuss at some point. He is pretty busy right now. I suspect this is so much an outlier that nobody else is likely to run into it, but I did and I am going to get Jay’s perspective on it. I don’t believe he will just blame me, in public to save face, and walk away like another so called teacher did to me.

Right now I have 3 women after me, all gorgeous things. A spread from 25 to 53 years old. I also have 6 more I play with from time to time, both online and in person when they come to Mexico. They used to come for vacation, now they come for time with the white bearded terror of Mexico. No sht! I have a 25 year old BEAUTIFUL and built like a brick sht house gal that is selling her furniture to pay her way down here right now. She insists she is going to be my se-xual slave and she will do ANYTHING for me, including bringing me all the other women I want. HOW could I say no to that?

For the cost of Jay’s Mindvana course, I have gotten more tools, knowledge and experience than I got from all similar courses combined, and I paid less than 25% of what I paid for all those other courses.

Yeah, I am IN for jays next course, the LOP. In fact, I am just waiting for my class time to come up. As shown above, I have no problems dragging in the prime stuff, but, I have seen the quality of Jay’s teaching. I have seen what it has done for me and it has been anything but minor improvements! If you think I am missing out on this next course, you are insane! Jay has made me into a VERY powerful hypnotist.

The only thing that could stop me from taking this next one is if I wake up one morning and my daily ritual check reveals there is finally grass above me.

All those other courses were good. Jay’s stuff is light years beyond them all.

If you are thinking of getting into it, stop thinking and dive in. You are wasting valuable time that could be put to FAR better use in your life and in the lives of all the women you may set free with this material. Believe me, this does set them free!

That’s all, Peace out. -The white bearded terror in Mexico


When you start getting good at this stuff, be prepared for the women in your life to become crazy jealous, since they know that other women will be waiting for their turn to steal you away.

You won’t even need to spank them too hard, since they’ll already be panicking over the competition. The occasional take-away here and there is all you’ll need.

On a side note, it seems that Marcus is suffering just as much as I am. Juggling women can be more stressful than juggling chainsaws, lemme tell ya.

But the lesson here is that “failure” is unavoidable. If you want to make women completely obsessed with you, you’ll have to be willing to make mistakes and keep troubleshooting until you get the desired effect.

Luckily for you, I lay everything out, step-by-step, right here…

>>>Learn how to fail your way to God-like success with beautiful women

P.S. Tomorrow I plan to start sharing my thoughts on the new show about the NXIVM cult. As an aspiring cult leader myself, this guy totally puts me to shame. Stay tuned.

Ciao for now,


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