Will this convince ANY girl to tattoo your name on her body?

Lots of guys found yesterday’s email helpful, thanks to Marcus laying down an expert reframe of my “failure” to hypnotize Yoga Girl and how moments like these are stepping stones to hypnotic mastery.

Another one of our members chimes in to thumbs-up Marcus and remind me that I’m not a complete idiot…



In my life I have always had unbelievable luck finding the absolute best teachers, and the most powerful knowledge, in many, many departments. You are right up there with the very best. The only reason I have not already purchased your LOP course, is some serious financial hardship I am currently enduring.

As a person who has studied sales copywriting and storytelling, I delight in reading your emails. I also started erotic hypnosis by studying another great teacher, but I second what Marcus says, Jay, you take the cake. Hell, you eat their lunch. Juggling those chainsaws is quite an act.

I really appreciate you Jay, and look forward to getting your latest course (Loving Obsession Protocol) and meeting and training with you in person someday, when my finances turn around. Until that day my friend.” -Elliot


I appreciate the kind words. In my opinion, the best teachers tend to be laser-focused on helping their students replicate their level of success. And to do that, you have to be willing to put your ego aside and show that ANYONE can achieve the same results, and even SURPASS them, if they choose to put the work in.

However, the most SUCCESSFUL teachers (in terms of accumulating huge numbers of followers and thick stacks of cash) focus more on building a cult of personality, while boasting of all the ways they’re uniquely gifted and deserving of adoration and worship.

And while ALL aspiring gurus need to deliver legit tools and tech to help their followers improve their lives, the unscrupulous ones know that the REAL money comes from making people believe that it’s impossible to reach said guru’s level, and that the opportunity to devote yourself to the cause of an enlightened being is an honor and privilege (even when it leads to a life of thankless servitude).

So… if I wasn’t a complete failure at life, I’d be pumping out new programs every week and doing my best to keep you completely dependent on me, rather than being open and willing to teach you everything I know.

But since I’m proud to be the world’s most pathetic cult leader, there’s a good chance I’ll be teaching you some more cool sh*t today, and perhaps even DEMYSTIFYING some culty tactics, rather than asking you to kindly glance away from the curtain as you sip your sugary beverage.

(I told you I’m BAD at this cult stuff. I can’t even open a Kool-Aid packet without making a mess.)

Anyhoo, it’s time to talk about the manosphere coach who markets himself as a superior version of Dan Bilzerian, since he’s famous for getting women to tattoo his name on their bodies.

If you’ve been watching “The Vow” on HBO (about the NXIVM) cult, you know that the head dude enjoys helping his female members with their “branding” (cattle, not business).

I’ll talk about NXIVM another time, but today I want to break down the manosphere guy’s tattooing method.

Now before I explain how to do this, you need to be aware that, while this tactic is relatively easy to do in theory, you’re most likely missing an important quality that’s needed to pull this off.

I’m missing this quality myself, which is why I’m currently a sh*t-tier goo-rue who nobody’s ever heard of.

And before I tell what that is, and even before I teach you the super secret tattoo technique, let me first tell you that it’s ultra-culty to first talk about something that needs to be talked about BEFORE talking about the thing I promised I’d talk about earlier, since talking about it right now would satisfy your curiosity too soon, and satisfying you too quickly and too completely would prevent you from experiencing a valuable learning opportunity, in this particular case an opportunity to develop patience, which is almost as important as the super important thing I’m about to talk about, but only if you pay close attention so you don’t miss what’s REALLY going on beneath the surface right now.

And as you do pay total and complete attention, you’ll naturally find yourself feeling incredibly appreciative of my efforts, to the point where you’ll go back and read this a few times, laughing to yourself as you happily soak up all the hypnotic goodness embedded in these 2 paragraphs while realizing it’s JUST THAT EASY to sneak in suggestions that the average person is incapable of detecting, as you become eager and excited to learn how to do this, yourself.

You can thank me later, but just enjoy it being done to you for now, for learning purposes, of course, and certainly not to make you appreciate me even more than you already do, perhaps to the point where you feel compelled to show your appreciation in a variety of ways. I would never tell you to do that, but I’d certainly appreciate the gesture.

(A quick confusion induction, followed by sneaky suggestions to feel appreciation for your one true guru. If I had you trapped in my seminar room, I could blast you with this stuff for hours, just like the big boys do.)

So here’s how this sneaky tattoo-ey bastard does it…

First off, be aware that he has a few things going for him that are nearly impossible for the average guy to replicate.

From the get-go, most girls who are attracted to him would consider him to be a near-perfect match. He’s tall, jacked, rich, famous, and good looking enough, plus he’s always surrounded by sexy women. He’s already ticking off a lot of boxes before he even opens his mouth.

But all this, by itself, isn’t enough. Even guys on his level need to use some game to lock their girls down, especially if they’re used to dating rich and famous dudes.

So he’ll start off by hooking up with a girl and giving her good sex (at least 4-5 times), while doing everything else that’s necessary to make them begin falling in love. And throughout the “dating” process, he keeps repeating, flat out, that he wants to be with her forever, build a kingdom together, take over the world as a power couple, etc.

(Side note:the pua guys would probably poo-poo this approach and accuse him of displaying desperate neediness. And, yes, that would be true if the girl doesn’t see you as a serious long-term possibility. But when you’re the highest value man she’s ever met, she’ll slurp this kind of thing right up.)

Now, once the girl becomes infatuated, he’ll say things like, “Do you really want to be my girl? How can I trust that you’re serious? I need loyalty.”

“Yes baby, I’m serious. I’m loyal, blah, blah.”

That’s when he challenges them. “Then prove it. Go get a tattoo for me so I know you’re serious.”

Again, he does this FAST (typically within the first few weeks of sleeping together). And he does this AFTER the girl is hooked, but before she feels confident that she has him.

A small percentage of his girls are cool with his request straight away, but most end up bugging out. And when they do, he’ll do a hard takeaway like, “Yeah, I thought so. You’re full of shit. I thought you were different. Whatever.”

Now he’ll start pulling back and sometimes ghost her for a few days. When he finally sees her again (and she’s frantic to fix things) he’ll bring up the tattoo and keep pushing it until she breaks, continuing to use takeaways when necessary. This is one way that pimps go about shaping a girl’s behavior and eventually convincing her to sell her body.

Look, when a woman is deathly afraid to lose you, she can be guilt-tripped into nearly anything. It’s not complicated.

I’m 90% sure I can get Yoga Girl to tattoo my name on her ass without much effort, and this is a girl that’s tattoo-free.

If the girl already has ink it’s much easier to pull this off, but it can be done, either way, if you’ve been giving them the best se-x of their lives, which is exactly what I teach in my Loving Obsession Protocol.

(All the PUA guys wanna know the secret lines to use, but when a girl is in love it’s usually enough to simply TELL her what you want. Use good se-x to make her fall in love and she’ll be ready to do nearly anything for you.)

And to be perfectly honest, an ass tattoo may very well be a prerequisite before I decide to give up my philandering and tie the knot.

But going for the tat NOW? After only 3 months of dating when I’m not yet sure if I want to be with her long term?

Well, I’d have to be a complete sociopath.

And THAT is the missing element that prevents me from truly succeeding in the cult game.

In my humble opinion, an aspiring cult leader requires an assortment of personality disorders, from sociopathy to narcissism, to truly be successful.

Without these magical qualities, you just won’t have what it takes to accidentally cook your followers to death in the company sweat lodge in the name of commitment and the ruthless pursuit of unparalleled excellence.

Take tattoo guy, for example. He’s gotten at least 10 girls to ink his name (many of whom he no longer talks to) and brags about these conquests to his followers (by posting naked pics of his girls in his private 2k telegram group.) He rationalizes this behavior as being “transparent” when it comes to showing proof of his skill level.

Now don’t think I’m being all Fake Morality Sour Grapes Dude and trashing him out of jealousy. Trust me, I’ve done my fair share of stupid sh*t and sure as heck ain’t no beacon of morality. And I have no problem pointing out that he’s a very smart guy who’s undeniably great with women.

His “tattoo game” will absolutely help you get more girls interested in you, and it’s also a solid way to create a fanbase of guys who want to give you all their cash. There’s really nothing better than solid proof, especially when your claims are outlandish to begin with.

But the average guy simply won’t be able to pull off some of the things he teaches. You would need to have an utter disregard for women, and see them as disposable objects whose only purpose in life is helping you meet your objectives.

Now matter how you slice it, trying to replicate this guy’s approach will end up ROTTING YOUR SOUL. Not only that, but it’s extremely DANGEROUS in our current political climate.

Some kid on youtube asked me which of the Mindvana girls I’ve slept with and why I haven’t been metooed yet. Lol

My reply: “Why would I get metooed? Everything I do is 100% consensual, I treat my girls with respect and consideration, and I don’t answer stupid questions about my se-x life.”

And it’s not that I keep quiet out of fear of reprisal. I keep my mouth shut because I believe it’s the right thing to do.

Believe me, I’d make more money and have more fanboys if I was totally transparent about the girls I’ve slept with and showed actual proof of my claims (especially the naked vids of my semi-famous ex).

But other than sharing a few stories with my private coaching clients, I refuse to put my private life out there for the whole world to see. It’s not only frat-boyish and try-hard, but it’s a shi*ty thing to do to women, in general.

Because of this, 90% of people who watch my videos think I’m completely full of sh*t and peddling snake oil to clueless men. But I’d rather be stuck in this category then let my ego take over and start my speedy descent to the dark side.

And even if I decided to switch to full-on Anakin mode, lord knows I’d be truly AWFUL at it.

The bottom line is that guys like you and I just aren’t emotionally capable of operating on the level of a legit sociopath, at least not without suffering from the weight of a heavy conscience and debilitating guilt that eats away at you over time.

And, as I’m sure you know, there are REAL DANGERS to being a callous womanizer.

While my love of personal privacy minimizes the chances of an undeserved metooing, it’s still not enough to guarantee that I won’t eventually experience the vengeful wrath of an angry feminist.

The NXIVM guy is currently in prison, most likely already branded with his bunkmate’s initials. Tattoo guy is a bit more crafty, since he was smart enough to move to a country where it’s unlikely he’ll ever get prosecuted for being an asshole.

But, not surprisingly, he’s admitted that he can’t return to his home country due to a pending rape charge.

(And whether it’s legit or just the fake story of a jilted f-buddy, I wouldn’t know. But regardless, you’re risking serious potential consequences when treating women like disposable garbage just so you can grow your IG following.)

TLDR: Don’t be a di*khead. It’s not worth it.

But I fully support you branding your full legal name on your girl’s pert little behind BEFORE you spend a single cent on an overpriced enslavement rock. (Bonus points if you add the LHF logo on her other cheek.)

In the meantime, if you need some help making women crazy enough about you to crave the tickling embrace of the tattoo gun, then the link below would be a good place to start:

>>>Peak inside this toolbox of unorthodox mind-control secrets leaked by a D-list cult leader who’s too stupid to keep them all to himself

Ciao for now,

Your favorite third-rate, much-maligned, shamefully abortive, thankfully never aborted mini-megalomaniac

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