Master hypnotist shamefully fails to hypnotize his own girlfriend

I just got back from Miami and have an interesting story to report.

Since I know everyone’s sick of hearing about my se-x life, I’m gonna switch gears today and talk about Mindvana.

Namely, the big, fat Mindvana failure that just happened with my Russian girl.

To give you the backstory, we met over 3 months ago but I still haven’t formally hypnotized her. She’s seen my youtube channel and has always been interested, but she’s never flat-out said, “Can you please hypnotize me today?”

So I’ve been waiting patiently until she finally popped the question this past Tuesday evening.

I gave myself a 20min time limit (since I was exhausted) and went to work. As expected, she was an excellent trance subject. I went straight to setting up a pleasure trigger (taught in Mindvana) and it worked perfectly.

When I tested the trigger by asking where she felt the pleasure, she replied…

“I feel it in poo-see.”

All good, so far.

But everything fell apart when I tried to elicit arousal. She completely shut down and stopped responding. Even the pleasure trigger stopped working.

Da fuq.

That’s when I emerged her from trance so I could figure out what went wrong.

And what she said, in a nutshell, was this:

Something about the way I was building the arousal trigger reminded her of my youtube vids. And then a thought popped up along the lines of “this is what he does with every other girl.”

That’s when her jealousy kicked in and made her body shut down.

Now consider the context… We’ve been dating for over 3 months and I’ve already slept with her dozens of times. I’ve pushed her past her limits and made her do crazy things she’s never done before.

I’ve also been doing all the Mindvana stuff in the bedroom (taught in the Loving Obsession Protocol), which has led her to being in a near-permanent state of low-level arousal whenever she’s around me.

So you would think that eliciting arousal in a trance state would be a piece of cake.

Here’s the thing… With a great subject who’s perfectly responsive, EVERYTHING is a piece of cake. But even a fantastic subject can completely shut down without warning, so you’ll need to be prepared for this.

Something else to keep in mind is that, in some cases, it can be much HARDER to hypnotize your girlfriend recreationally than it is to work with a paying client.

People who come to you for help are motivated to overcome some personal issue. Your website, testimonials, etc. have already primed them to see you as an expert, and the act of paying you a sizable fee increases their confidence that you’ll be able to deliver results.

You’ll rarely have this psychological leverage with your lover. And that’s why we need to do things a bit differently in a dating/relationship context.

Getting back to my Russian girl, I can easily get her past her blockages the next time I work with her. I never get concerned about roadblocks, and neither should you.

The reason I show all my “failures” in Mindvana (along with how to handle them) is to prepare you for the inevitable challenges you’ll run into. I’ve said many times that the ability to troubleshoot and get creative whenever you hit a wall is what separates a high-level hypnotist from an amateur.

And this is why troubleshooting is such a big part of the Mindvana Method. Very few hypnotists teach this skill, but I’d be doing you a huge disservice if I didn’t do my best to wire it into your brain.

So if you want to watch me fail over and over again, so you can learn from my mistakes and become a high-level hypnotist…

…so you can give any women mind-blowing physical pleasure simply by making sounds with your mouth…

…which will inevitably convince these women that your presence is a literal gift from God…

….which might even lead to said women becoming hopelessly addicted to your presence…

….while feeling an overwhelming desire to please you in every way…

…then you should grab some popcorn and start watching these videos ASAP

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P.S. Everyone’s been taking about the new Netflix documentary “The Vow” about the NXIVM cult. So it’s probably a good time to share my thoughts on cult programming (and DE-programming). Stay tuned.

Ciao for now.


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