How stripping away responsibility makes women happily strip for 3somes

Hope you didn’t miss my email this week which shared one of my most powerful tactics to make a woman completely obsessed with you. If you missed it, you can find it (along with the rest of my emails) on the new LHF blog.

Here’s Marcus writing in with some simple advice on how to condition a woman (over video chat) to get excited about having 3somes with you…


“Jay and fellow Mindvana practitioners, I am NOT a student anymore! I am a ‘Mindvana practitioner’ who is at my own skill level. You should make that change also, RIGHT NOW! Stop being a student and get in the game!

Anyway, speaking of the things in this message from Jay, specifically making them do “crazy sh*t” and the effects of that on them:

Just last night I took my girl in Thailand through a hypnotic exercise. She had never even thought about being with another woman! So, since she likes bondage, I “tied her up tight and secure” over video chat, then, without warning, introduced a woman she found “beautiful, sexy, hypnotic and irresistible.”

After that settled in I proceeded to elicit arousal in her, then jack it to the point I could tell it was actually getting painful for her. That is when this “other woman” stripped and went to work on my poor girl, who was helpless to resist.

One of the most powerful things I have found with women is helplessness. They love it (for the most part, at least those I have interest in) and it gives them plausible deniability. “It was NOT my fault! I was tied up and could not move!” Then, I jumped into it and we had the dirtiest, kinkiest most delicious threesome you can imagine.

Now, here is the thing. This morning she started begging me to come visit her in Thailand while promising me as many different experiences like this, with as many different girls as I want and she can arrange!

Because of this, I am ready to declare I have a “reasonably good start” with this chick! She went around the bend last night and today, readily tells me, outside of trance, that she will “do ANYTHING for me” and that she will “Give me ANYTHING I want!” she also begs me to hypnotize her more.

Yes, I have made her cry repeatedly just by “taking myself away from her” in trance. Racking sobs the last time! The effects are clear, I will do this with every woman I work with from now on! I wish I had done this with the last 12 or so women!

I also connect with her on video chat when she is at work and on break. Sometimes I will have her get privacy in a bathroom stall and give her full blown o-gasms, but I also text trigger her at random times with less than full blown o-gasm triggers that she has to work hard to make sure others never realize what is happening. I also jack the power regularly, to keep her on her toes.

I am wanting to be FIRST in line for this new program Jay is threatening us with! The successes I have found with Mindvana are so far above and beyond the other similar courses I have taken, I am now on a completely different level than I ever dreamed of and it is VERY cool!

Thanks Jay, you destroyed my life forever. (I am having the greatest time of my life here!)” -The gray bearded terror in Mexico


Eliciting female waterworks to intensify a se-xual experience would certainly fall under the category of “swimming in dangerous waters.” But the ability to properly (and strategically) elicit “negative” emotions is a vital skill, since women enjoy feeling ALL of their emotions, especially in the bedroom.

But most girls are locked into an endless state of se-xual suffering, due to the fact that 99% of guys are WAY TOO NICE to deliver what they truly desire.

If you want to stand out in a woman’s mind as the #1 lover she’s ever had, you need to be willing to step outside of your own comfort zone so you can lead her out of hers. And the first step is taking all responsibility for everything that happens, so she doesn’t need to think or make any decisions, whatsoever.

Once she’s comfortably following your lead, you can start pushing boundaries and doing things that other men just aren’t willing to do…

…things like eliciting tears in the bedroom, which is one of the dozens of nuclear-enhanced techniques that I teach in my “Loving Obsession Protocol” (aka: the Soul-Locking Protocol) which is launching tomorrow morning.

This system is the next evolution of the Mindvana Method and will show you exactly what to do behind closed bedroom doors to have the girls you date hopelessly head-over-heels in love with you and completely addicted to pleasing you in every way possible.

But be forewarned, this is not the standard se-x advice you’ll find floating around the net. This is the DARK SIDE stuff that hardly anyone understands, much less ever talks about.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s BLACK HAT, because nothing I do is ever unethical or malicious. But it’s most certainly GREY HAT, without a doubt.

But, again, this is exactly what women are STARVING for. You’re doing them a huge solid by slipping in through a backdoor exploit and introducing them to their depraved desires. (Hope you’ve been studying your se-xual ambiguity patterns. 😉 )

The sad reality is that most guys just aren’t ready to learn this stuff, because they don’t want to learn the truth about females. So, if you’re squeamish when it comes to se-x and raw female se-xual desire, then this is not for you.

It’s also the most expensive product I’ve ever released (because the information inside is quite literally priceless – especially if you want beautiful girls to be completely obsessed with you). If money is tight for you right now, then you should pass on this.

Lastly, only Mindvana students will be allowed to purchase it. If you’re not currently a Mindvana member (or willing to become one), then you won’t understand many of the things I’ll be teaching, so don’t waste your time.

P.S. I plan on giving this protocol away as a fr-ee gift to all of my current Platinum Mindvana Members, along with anyone who signs up for a Platinum membership, this week only.

P.P.S. Look for the link to drop tomorrow morning (est time). I plan to keep it on sale until next Sunday, so scooping it up this week will save you a ton of cash.

See ya,


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