The “Soul-Locking” Protocol has now been UNLOCKED…

My “Loving Obsession” Protocol (aka: The “Soul-Locking” Protocol) is finally available.

And since my website and youtube channel are already dangerously close to being banned, I decided to do something I’ve never done before.

This material is so ridiculously over-the-top that it would be insane to have my face/voice attached to it. Because of this, I’ve decided against recording a tutorial video (or even putting together a pdf).

So… after you purchase this new protocol, we’ll be hopping on a phone call so I can personally teach you everything you’ll need to know. (You’ll have plenty of time to take notes and ask questions.)

Here’s the deal:

The deadline to save 50% during the launch sale is Sunday (8/16) at 11:59pm.

Anyone who signs up for a Platinum Mindvana membership this week will get the Loving Obsession Protocol as a free bonus. (As of today, I only have 5 slots left for platinum lessons and they’re first come, first served.)

There are also some restrictions in place – not everyone will be allowed to purchase it.

To read more about the protocol (and how to qualify), go here:

>>>Get Your Hands on the “Loving Obsession” Protocol (if you qualify)

P.S. This is an extremely expensive “phone call.” If you’re just an information-seeker and have no intention of actually using this material to make women completely obsessed with you, then it’ll be an enormous waste of money for you.

P.P.S. Here’s a quick sample of some of the tasty bits:

Why “obsession” trumps love every single time, and how to create an auto-pilot obsession generator that continuously intensifies a woman’s feelings for you with each passing day.

The technique I accidentally created during one of my Mindvana sessions (with Kymberly) that coaxed her into falling completely in love with me. (NOTE: She actually caught me using it and complained after the session. But it still worked like gangbusters, regardless.)

A secret Italian lovemaking technique which lets you have se-x for (literally) hours on end, while exerting almost zero physical effort. (This comes in handy when you want to make a woman se-xually addicted to you. And it requires so little energy that an 80-year-old man with a heart condition can easily pull it off.)

The Mindvana-esque “mental enslavement” suggestions that I give to every girl I have se-x with. (Due to the current political climate, I was forced to leave them out of my home study programs because they’re WAY TOO DANGEROUS for me to put on video.)

The RIGHT way to fulfill your girl’s innate craving for love and romance without risking her seeing you as just another lame “nice guy” or simp. (Most guys do romance all wrong, and waste a ton of money in the process. This principle alone will easily save you THOUSANDS of dollars over the next few years.)

The absolutely shocking “seDUCKtion secret” (requiring a serving of Duck a l’Orange) that I learned from a medical doctor whose license would immediately be revoked if anyone found out he uses this tactic in his personal life. This secret explains why his dozens of ex-girlfriends constantly reach out to him for booty-call se-x, including ones he hasn’t seen in over a decade. Many of these ladies are currently married but still can’t stop thinking about him. (This becomes the norm when you can give women the best se-x of their lives.)

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