Lazy hypnotist works all day and night to help you get layyyd

I’ve got a quick announcement today that you’ll be happy to hear.

As a result of contemplating how much time I’ve been spending servicing yoga girl (instead of my students), I was shocked awake yesterday by a horrifying revelation.

I realized that, thanks to my marathon se-x-induced apathy, I haven’t put much effort into getting my “Loving Obsession Protocol” (aka: the Soul-Locking Protocol) ready for launch. At the snail’s pace I’ve been moving, I’ll be lucky to finish it before next summer.

Unless, of course, I put a proverbial gun to my head and FORCE myself to get it done.

So after dragging myself out of bed on Monday, I pounded back 4 espressos and spent 12 hours compiling all the pieces until the system looked completely bad-ass from start to finish.

I then worked all day on Tuesday to get the first draft of the product page completed.

It’s now about 4am and I badly need to pass out. But I wanted to put some additional pressure on myself by tossing out a deadline that I’ll be forced to stick to.

So consider this an announcement that I’ll be releasing the new protocol on Monday morning, 8/10.

And now that I’ve committed to this deadline, I’ll be working like a madman to have everything ready by then.

I don’t have any details to share yet (they’re still being worked out), but I plan on having a launch sale that will last all of next week – which means you’ll have about 7 days to learn my “se-xual slavery” system while saving a ton of cash.

So be sure to keep an eye on your inbox if this is something you’ve been looking forward to.

In the meantime, you should visit the blog to catch up on any past articles you might have missed, because I’ve been spitting pure gold these past few months.

(Yesterday’s article, for example, contained an extremely important lesson, courtesy of the world’s most annoying doctor, about a simple thing you can do on dates that will make women go absolutely gaga over you.)

P.S. If you’ve also been struggling with procrastination, a forced deadline can do wonders for your productivity. Pick a date and tell a few people that you’ll have X thing done by then. Go test it out.)

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