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A reader is having some challenges in the bedroom…


“My girlfriend is having a difficult time having an o-gasm. We have tried many things but still nothing. I told Therapist about your method, was told to do it without her knowing because if she knows she will try too hard and it won’t work. 2 things told to do: her to want to have se-x with me so that will make her more responsive to the o-gasm technique.

Even though we have se-x, I’m still supposed to have her want to have se-x with me? What does that mean, I don’t get it. The way it was explained to me, I may be wrong, but it makes her feel some kind of way that makes mind more willing to have her body have an o-gasm.

How am I supposed to make someone that I have been dating and have se-x with want to have se-x with me??? Do I treat her as someone who doesn’t and convince her to? I’m totally lost. But we love each other and I want to make her happy. The other issue is that I dont think an idiot like me can learn to do this but for her I’m willing to try.” -Nic


Oh boy. Lots of issues here, including low self-esteem.

First off, there’s a difference between a woman who just goes through the motions in bed and one who CRAVES you se-xually. And no, you can’t “convince her” to want you (logic has no place here). But you can certainly use Mindvana to activate a woman’s hidden desires, to make her feel beautiful, se-xy and wanted, and to make her so aroused and sensitive that she feels compelled to jump on top of you.

I would also recommend acting like an attractive, high-value man OUTSIDE of the bedroom, and I lay out exactly how to do this in the Seduction Mastery bonus videos that I included with Mindvana Gold. (For starters, never refer to yourself as an “idiot” or put yourself down in any way.)

His therapist is right in the sense that you don’t want to put undo pressure on a girl to have an o-gasm – but as you’ve seen in my videos, Mindvana is designed to come in under the radar. Not only do I avoid mentioning o-gasms, but I even avoid mentioning the word “hypnosis.” The approach is framed as a “meditation technique” designed to help women relax and feel more pleasure in the bodies. Nothing weird (or creepy) about it.

I would also recommend against making o-gasm the goal. Just focus on learning each piece of the system, step-by-step, until you’re able to fully relax your girl, elicit emotions and sensations on command, and know how to set triggers for each one.

I can go on and on about why this approach works best, but just trust me that I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. However, you’ll still have to put in some work to study and practice and be ok with making mistakes along the way. And sadly, most guys just won’t be willing to do that, especially if they’ve been polluting their mind with negative thoughts.

The good news is that insecurities can be overcome…


“I really like what you’re doing for the lost men out there. I am 22 years old and your emails really helped me with my insecurities and the way I think about the dynamic between a woman and a man. I find Mindvana fascinating even though I haven’t had a chance to learn it yet. Because I am a uni student, i dont have the financial means at the moment to pull that off but one day hopefully. Nevertheless i really appreciate your work and hope you keep going for a couple of years so i can learn it” 😉 – Julian


Whenever I think about the costs of learning a skill-set (e.g., money, time, sacrifice, etc.) I always consider the cost of NOT learning it. Personally, I would give up everything I own to be able to relive my college years knowing what I know now.

Back then, I used to be AWFUL with women which led to a tremendous amount of emotional pain and suffering that could have been (mostly) avoided.

But if I could go back in time, I certainly would NOT offer to help the sex-y girls in my study group get better grades using the power of hypnosis, since I might be tempted to add in some “naughty” hypnosis that would potentially make them focus more on ME than their studies.

This would be incredibly awful in a college environment, when you’re surrounded by hundreds of hotties all eager to experiment with their se-xuality. I’d be too busy helping them all “experiment” that I’d have no time to study. It would be a complete and total nightmare because everyone knows that a sex-y GPA is the only thing that matters in life.

Not to mention, Mindvana might as well cost a billion dollars to a college kid. But if they got resourceful and scraped together $1.57 a day, then this unassuming little link could potentially turn them into a legend on campus…

>>>Whether you’re still in college or still putting your kids through college, it’s never too late to have women worship you like a king

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