How to be the “bedroom savage” all women crave

On Friday, I texted my Russian girl a pic that drove her out of her mind.

She said it took all of her willpower not to sneak off to the bathroom (at work) and start touching herself.

This result was completely unintentional, mind you, but affecting your girl this way (accidentally or not) is a very good thing.

Here’s what happened…

I went shooting with a buddy of mine and sent her a pic from inside the range. Then I ignored her replies for a few hours.

(Yeah, I’m a jerk. But it’s a mistake to always be accessible.)

When I spoke to her later that night, she explained how her mind sucked her into a crazy fantasy about the two of us:

“Baby, when I saw pic I remembered when we shoot together. Then I imagined we were on battlefield and we slaughtering all our enemies. After we win, we make sex. Was so good!”

I didn’t realize I was dating “Xena the Russian Warrior Princess,” but there’s a lesson here…

ALL women are attracted to violent men (to some degree). Gang members, drug dealers, and even serial killers are never without a line women waiting their turn.

(Remember the dozens of girls defending Chris Brown on twitter after he assaulted Rhianna? They all said she deserved it.)

As a non-sociopath, things like this used to drive me nuts. But I eventually accepted this quirk of female nature and decided to modify my behavior in order to benefit from said quirk.

Sure, besting a man in a fight is a great way to inflame a woman’s passions, but it’s not worth the potential jail time. Luckily, you don’t need to actually INFLICT violence to make a girl crave your babies – you only have to make her think you’re CAPABLE of doing so.

This is one of the reasons why I’m often a bit “rough” with the Mindvana girls. I’m demonstrating my strength and dominance, while hinting there might be another side of me hiding beneath my polite and respectful exterior.

And just because some of the girls said I was TOO rough (Savannah, for instance), it doesn’t mean they don’t like this approach. They just either weren’t in the mood for it at the moment, or they didn’t want it from ME, personally, in that particular context.

The truth is that every girl enjoys being manhandled in the bedroom by a dominant (and potentially dangerous) man. And the more you can drop hints that you’re able to give them this experience, the more curious and attracted girls will become.

There are many ways to drop hints, such as owning weapons, practicing a martial art, occasionally barking orders, an imposing physical appearance, carefully crafted stories, etc. You can even demonstrate this when first meeting a girl by approaching with a relaxed demeanor and penetrating eye contact.

But you can’t just talk a good game and call it a day; you’ll also have to walk your talk in the bedroom.

When I asked the Russian why she fantasized about a battlefield, she had this to say:

“Baby, I don’t know. But I keep thinking about your eyes when we make sex. Sometimes eyes look like they have razors… like you will hurt me if I don’t do what you say.”

And, of course, I asked: “And how do you feel when these eyes are looking at you like that?”

“So horn-y. And strong desire to please you in all ways.”

This is just one of the tactics I’ll be teaching in my Falling-in-Love Protocol (aka: the Soul-Locking Protocol), that will show you how to use se-x as a weapon to make a girl fall head-over-heels in love.

When you combine this blueprint with what you’ve already learned in Mindvana, you’ll completely slaughter any possible competition you might have.

I haven’t decided when I’ll be releasing this, but when it’s finally finished, only Mindvana members will be able to purchase it – if you don’t understand how Mindvana works, then you won’t be able to use the new protocol effectively.

But here’s the good news: when you use it properly, Mindvana, by itself, can make a girl completely crazy about you, way before you ever get physical. So it’s a good idea to start learning this immediately, if you haven’t already.

But it does take practice to master, just like any other skill of real value. If you expect to be an expert overnight, then this isn’t for you.

But for guys who take action, this is the fastest way I know to get a warrior princess to bend the knee and pledge her undying se-xual fealty to her one true king.

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P.S. Tomorrow I’ll be teaching you how to play “Se-xual Russian Roulette,” one of the most dangerous games you could ever play. If you have a weak stomach, you might want to skip over this one.


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