The dangers of playing “Sexual Russian Roulette”

My Russian girl just dropped a bombshell.

She’s been begging me to come stay in Miami for a few months, but I have too much on my plate to be traveling at the moment. As you can imagine, my refusal drove her absolutely nuts.

“Baby, you really fu*k my mind. My body knows it belong to you… but my brain knows you not here, and that we not married. This is weird to brain so I keep thinking how to fix for hours each day.”

And that’s when she asked if she could come live with me for a few months as a “trial run,” which would necessitate quitting her job and putting her entire life on hold.

And she was terrified to ask me, because she knows it’s too soon and this might scare me away. But she’d rather have her heart broken now than waste time, and I completely understand.

Now before everyone starts screaming “It’s a trap!” trust me, I’m well aware of the sneaky schemes that women typically concoct. However, this one is a bit different.

This girl has a good job, a big social network, and a luxury apartment one block from the beach. Not to mention she can easily hop on “Millionaire Match” and marry some dude worth at least 5 mil by the end of the year (like all of her friends have). But she’s considering giving everything up just so she can wake up next to me each morning.

This is what the raw power of great se-x (coupled with the Mindvana programming I teach) can do for you.

Of course, I’m using some additional tactics that aren’t covered in Mindvana – tactics which I’ll be unveiling in my soon-to-be-released “Falling-in-Love Protocol” that will have the girl you’re dating desperately desire to be possessed by you in every possible way.

You’ll be learning exactly what to say and do in the bedroom to flood your girl’s brain with gigantic doses of oxytocin, making her think, feel, and believe you’re the only man in the world who matters.

That’s when she’ll happily whisper in your ear, “I belong to you, baby.”

Once a woman is this obsessed with you, you’ll have a ridiculous amount of control over her, without having to resort to mind games, manipulation tactics, or other sociopathic behaviors. 90% of the time she’ll be easy-going, helpful, and crazy hor-ny around the clock (their moods will always fluctuate, but 90/10 is an ideal ratio).

In other words, you’ll get to experience a relationship that’s the complete opposite of the norm (where the woman controls her man and eventually makes his life miserable).

But after all the #metoo chaos, it’s become borderline-illegal to teach this stuff out in the open.

(For example, I’m working on a new video for Youtube and I’m too paranoid to include the part where Helena’s sucking on my fingers. With all the bannings going on, I have to be super careful.)

This isn’t BS marketing hype. I actually plan on having some sort of screening process for potential students.

One reason being that I can’t teach this stuff to a total newbie; his brain simply won’t be able to handle it. When he hears what I say and do to these girls to make them believe I own them from head to toe, he’ll be instantly shell-shocked and comatized.

There’s also no way to put this stuff out there without risking getting flagged as a “hater of women” or some other ridiculous nonsense. It has to be taught on the d-low (most likely in a 1-on-1 coaching call).

Now before everyone gets too excited, I have to warn you of the serious downsides to having a girl completely obsessed with you. It’s not all fun and games.

In fact, it can be an extremely DANGEROUS game with serious consequences for both parties.

This protocol allows you to tap into a woman’s deep desire to give herself over completely to a man she’s absolutely in love with.

Most women have been waiting their entire life for this opportunity, and when you do your part properly, she’ll be completely convinced you’re destined to be together.

And, of course, this leads to her wanting to move in with you, marry you, have your babies, and to do nearly anything to please you. You’ll also be eviscerating any potential competition and ruining her chances of ever being happy with another guy.

This is how I’m able to compete against men who are better looking, taller, and wealthier than me. Once you lock her soul, you’ll be the only guy that matters.

But one of the downsides is that you’ll also have the power to completely devastate her with a snap of your fingers.

And if you do decide to purposely crush a girl’s heart (just because you can), it won’t just be karma you’ll have to worry about. A scorned woman may decide to spend the rest of her life getting even.

One false rape accusation is all it takes to make your whole world come crashing down. Using this stuff with a girl you couldn’t care less about is an extremely dangerous game that should never be played.

Then again, an even more dangerous game is deciding to marry a girl who’s not completely obsessed with you. You might as well play Russian roulette with 6 bullets.

But since guys are never going to stop playing the marriage game, they need to give themselves the best possible chance of making it work.

The first step is LOCKING YOUR GIRL’S SOUL. You’ll then continue to use these tactics to avoid the “drifting apart” that happens in almost every relationship.

Nothing is 100% guaranteed, but this is the best way I know of to make a woman’s love for you grow stronger every year, and avoid 99% of the relationships problems the average guy is forced to deal with.

In fact, I hid MANY of these soul-locking tactics all throughout Mindvana (without spelling it out directly). If you pay attention, you’ll find them.

I recommend that you take notes while watching the videos (to drill the info into your brain), and start using the exact same phrases I do (both in your hypnosis sessions and in the bedroom).

It takes some practice, but any man can learn this skill in a matter of months, if he applies himself and reaches out to me whenever he gets stuck.

I’m here to help you master this stuff so you can get the exact same results you’ve been reading about. And you can begin your journey to mastery right here:

>>>Learn to LOCK A WOMAN’S SOUL and get worshiped like a king

P.S. One example of a hidden nuclear weapon can be found in the Mindvana Gold bonus section, where I teach how to make your girl obsessed with giving BJ’s. This technique, alone, is worth the price of the entire program.

P.P.S. Speaking of marriage disasters, tomorrow I’ll be sharing a real-life horror story. Stay tuned…

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