How to blast through your fears and rack up indecent proposals

Yesterday, we discussed a toxic mindset that can doom someone to a life of failure. Today, I want to talk about another common issue that many students struggle with:


“Hi Jay I already Have the 7 day & mindvana lite gold courses & I love them. I just haven’t had the friggen guts to try it on anyone yet!” -B


This guy is much different than the dude from yesterday, because he went ahead and invested his time and money into the learning process.

But like so many new guys, he’s letting his fear get in the way of MASSIVE success.

I’ve spent years pushing myself out of my comfort zone and I know firsthand what it’s like to stumble over your words on stage in front of a large audience, or cold approach a beautiful girl with your heart pounding out of your chest.

But it’s because I suffered through these uncomfortable moments that I’m now able to do things most guys can only dream of.

And it’s not due to any innate talent or skill – just good ol’ fashioned hard work and applied testicular fortitude.

And while I used to be overly focused on finding ways to reduce my anxiety before taking action, I realized over the years that this is a PUSSIFIED strategy.

Straight-up pussification personified, in fact.

Men who want to be successful need to learn that that risk-taking is a VITAL component of success. If you refuse to take risks, then you’ll never achieve big wins in ANY area of your life. There’s absolutely no way around it.

Let me try saying this another way…

Your life will be a MASSIVE FAILURE and nobody will want anything to do with you. A loser mentality repels everyone FAST (as it should).

Winners become winners by taking risks and applying effort. And part of this effort involves continuing your forward movement while you appear to be losing miserably.

Mistakes will be made, but you’ll learn from them and get better over time as long as you KEEP MOVING.

So instead of trying to avoid anxiety, learn to become extremely comfortable with it. I’d also advise you to get comfortable with things not going your way since many of your most valiant efforts won’t pan out in the least.

But so what? Who cares?

Fully embrace that fact that risk-taking is a SCARY process that’s not supposed to feel good. Then start doing the things you’re afraid of without worrying about the results (at least for now).

Someone once said: “If you force yourself to do hard things, then life starts to get easier. If you choose to do easy things, life will stay hard.”

I remember how scared I was when I posted my first YouTube video. I was even more freaked out when putting up my “how to hypnotize with your phone” series, because I knew it would be polarizing.

When one of my vids went viral, I was inundated with nasty comments and death threats which had me convinced that I ruined my reputation and destroyed the coaching business I spent years building from the ground up.

But instead of my worst fears coming true, that little debacle led to the birth of LHF which now allows me to help men all over the world improve their lives.

It’s also responsible for the occasional “indecent proposal” from my female viewers, such as this recent one:

“Honestly, I want to practice tantra with the guy…helps that you’re sexy. I wish you were polyamorous :(. I wish I could make babies with you. :/”

I’m not too rough on the eyes, but most girls who saw a picture of me wouldn’t consider me “sexy.”

However, the strategies and mindsets I teach in my “Seduction Mastery Program” help me appear VERY sexy to women, since attractive male behaviors can more than make up for physical limitations (like being shorter than Tom Cruise).

On top of that, 90% of women who watch my Mindvana videos will find me sexy because of how I act with the girls during the process.

None of this is rocket science and all of it can be learned by anyone. Everything you need to know is taught in the home study course.

But you’ll need to decide to push past your fears NOW, so you can enjoy all the benefits later, such as being your city’s most prolific sperm donor.

So if you’re ready to build up a waiting list of willing ladies desperately in need of in-vivo insemination, then head on down to the Mindvana laboratory and learn our latest advancements in covert activation of unbearable female arousal.

The keys to the lab are right here:

>>>The Mindvana Method – How to Use Erotic Hypnosis to Get Love, Loyalty, & Ride-Or-Die Devotion From the Women You Desire

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