The one skill you’ll need to master if you want sexytime on tap

I was skimming through dozens of old pdf’s on my laptop this week, when I came across this little gem from an old-school pickup coach.

He’s a phenomenally prolific philanderer (who also happens to be short, skinny, bald, and broke), and on page 52 of his book, he shares one of the most important lessons he’s ever learned:


“One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned is, a girl does not need to be 100 percent attracted to you to have se-x, you must just get her wet enough. You will be there, offering her release and freedom from that frustration. Your freedom will allow her to follow through on those desires.”


Reminds me of the vacuum cleaner salesmen of old who would barge into your house and dump a box of dirt on your new carpet.

Create the problem, then offer the solution. Devious but effective.

And never underestimate the power of raw se-xual arousal to make women throw out all of their “rules” that govern their sexuality (e.g., who to sleep with, how quickly, etc.).

Quite the useful tool if you weren’t blessed with a chiseled jaw and a 7-figure bank account.

Speaking of pickup tactics, I remember slogging through a literal encyclopedia of game written by a guy who was most certainly addicted to Adderall.

It was a 700-page tome that read like a much-less-interesting version of Casanova’s autobiography.

But what WAS interesting is that he came to a similar conclusion:

“When it comes to getting ‘same night lays,’ the most important piece of the puzzle is how turned on you can make a girl without it looking like you’re TRYING to turn her on.”

At the very end of his book, he shared his favorite and most effective technique for doing just that.

And wouldn’t you know it… you can see me using the exact same technique in nearly every single Mindvana session.

This one comes in under the radar and works like gangbusters to make women crazy aroused, without it looking like you’re doing much of anything (so they can’t object to it).

And as powerful as this little gem is, it’s just one of many arousal-enhancing techniques covered in the program.

But here’s the thing…

Once you have a beautiful girl swooning with lust, don’t forget the second part of what Seducer #1 had to say if you want to capitalize on your efforts:

“Your freedom will allow her to follow through on those desires.”

He’s talking about your comfort level with your own sexuality, along with your freedom from imposed social restrictions.

When women are incredibly turned on in your presence, see that you’re completely comfortable taking the lead and escalating smoothly, and know that you’ll be discreet and won’t judge them negatively no matter what happens…

…then the probability of spontaneous sexy time shoots up through the roof, even if you’re not even close to her physical “type.”

And if you want to learn all of my arousal tricks, such as how to create a “trigger” for this state so you can re-elicit it instantly, whenever you want…

…then this might be the very best holiday present you’ve ever bought yourself.

But Santa won’t be pleased. If he finds out you clicked this link you’ll be on his Naughty List for life:

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