How to guarantee you’ll be a successful hypnotist

This email came in over the weekend…


“Jay I have seen your intro video many, many times over and over again. It is a great video and to me, it was not just about se-x and the o-gasm but the healing qualities that it creates, that means the world to me.

i have been with a woman on and off for about 5 years and she has one of the issues you discussed in the video. I care about her so much that I am willing to purchase this product to help her. To me its not about the money its all about being able to learn this system to help her to the best of my ability. My problem is is that I have difficulty learning new things.

I would like to know after purchasing this what guarantees will I have that I will be able to learn it, learn it well and be good at it. She means the world to me and it hurts seeing her suffer and not being able to help her. Thank you for your time.”


As always, I told this guy the straight-up truth.

The material isn’t hard to learn, even if might take you a little longer than most. I have guys as young as 19 successfully using this stuff.

I also have guys with years of prior training but ZERO confidence finally getting results with Mindvana.

And while I certainly believe I’m one of the best teachers in the game with the best products on the market, this guy’s success is completely up to HIM and him alone.

There are no guarantees in life, especially not when it comes to learning something new (or becoming GREAT at something).

No college guarantees a 4.0 GPA or a six-figure salary and no piano teacher guarantees you’ll be playing Carnegie Hall.

The difference between successful students and everyone else is that they DECIDE to become successful, no matter what it takes.

I can’t force anyone to watch the videos, take notes, practice consistently, and ask me questions when they get stuck. But if you decide to do these simple things, then you’ll eventually be able to do everything you’ve seen me do in my videos.

That DECISION is what makes all the difference, especially during your “bad” sessions that frustrate you and make you feel like quitting.

This guy says he’s willing to do anything to help his girl, money being no object. But if this was really the case, he would have already reached out to me for private lessons (which dramatically shortens the learning curve).

In fact, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that he hasn’t even watched the fr-ee version of Mindvana Lite. If he did, he’d already realize that this stuff is easy to learn for just about anyone willing to put some time into it.

The issue isn’t a “learning challenge” or whatever he tells himself. It’s his toxic mindset.

When you look for excuses and reasons to fail, then you’ll become a spectacular failure. Simple as that.

A quick story…

A few years ago, my buddy Dr. Poosey discovered a hypnotist in Europe nobody’s ever heard of, who was running crazy hypnotic experiments that seemed almost impossible. We were intrigued and decided to learn his system.

We started by converting all of his books to English but ended up with barely legible slop (wall #1). So we decided to fly out to train with him live.

But then we found out he didn’t speak a lick of English (wall #2).

Instead of giving up, we contacted his girlfriend on Facebook and (with the help of Google Translate) convinced her to stream his next workshop for us so we could watch it from home. We also hired a translator to translate the presentation in real-time.

But it ended up being an intro workshop that was mostly him showing off, rather than teaching any usable info (wall #3).

After some searching, we found one of his old students (who spoke fluent English) and hired him to give us skype lessons.

We did that for about 6 months, only to discover that while he was able to teach us the basics (it’s an extremely complicated system), he didn’t really understand the full method (wall #4).

After more digging around, we eventually learned that the guy’s top student spoke broken English, so we convinced him to teach us the more advanced stuff (which took another 6 months of lessons).

And years later, we’re still practicing, testing, and trying to make sense of everything we learned.

The point of the story is that we DECIDED we were going to learn this stuff no matter what. And we kept pushing forward, despite running into snag after snag.

Now I assure you that learning Mindvana is 100X easier than what I had to go through. Not only does the program cover everything you’ll ever need to know about this stuff, but I’m always here to help out my students when they get stuck.

But one thing I can’t do is make you decide to take action.

I created a fr-ee version of Mindvana that works flawlessly and there are still guys reading this who haven’t bothered to watch it.

It only takes a few clicks to get the ball rolling. That’s the first (and easiest) decision to make, but it’s also the most important.

Not to mention, there’s no better present you could give your girl than the gift of holiday cheer spreading all throughout her quivering body.

And you can learn how right here:

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