How to break through a girl’s intimate blocks like a pro

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“Thank you for yesterday’s email brother. You know you made my day. I was feeling sooo bad, but you reminded me not to take things personally. Thank you again.

Question: what to do when a woman don’t feel “se-xual pleasure” in a strong way? She can feel happiness, pride, etc. But gets distracted when I go the se-xual route.” – Mohammad


Well, this depends on the context. I’d also give different advice if it’s a gf/wife vs. a girl you just met. But regardless, if you set your session up properly, you shouldn’t have any problems.

I’d recommend against mimicking my approach in the Mindvana videos, where I avoid explaining much about what’s about to happen and “surprise” the girls with some of the erotic content.

I did this for a few reasons (to make for a better instructional series, for instance), but this is not an approach I’d recommend. Tell your subject up front that you plan on eliciting se-xual pleasure and make sure she’s cool with it.

Now if she’s onboard but still not able to get there, there are many things you can try.

  1. Start with a non-se-xual form of pleasure and keep intensifying it. Once it’s strong, it becomes easier to introduce se-xual feelings. Then work on eliciting a low level of se-xual arousal and getting her to double the sensations over and over. (Ask for feedback each step of the way.) – beginner level
  2. Make sure YOU are feeling the state you’re trying to elicit (arousal, etc.) before suggesting it. – beginner
  3. Find out what “distracted” means. Have her open her eyes and ask her why she’s stopping herself from going there. Sometimes they just won’t feel comfortable going there with YOU, or they might be getting stuck in their head (usually by TRYING to make something happen instead of letting things happen). – beginner
  4. She might require a different approach than what you’ve been doing. Shake things up by changing your induction, speed, style, and location (hypnotize her in the bedroom vs. the living room, etc.) – beginner
  5. During the session, start touching her in a way that arouses her (with permission, of course). You’ve seen me touch their arms, shoulders and neck in my videos. – intermediate
  6. Focus on conditioning her to respond to various hypnotic phenomena (over multiple sessions) until she becomes incredibly responsive to everything you suggest. – intermediate
  7. Instead of simply telling her to feel se-xual pleasure, describe the end state using hypnotic language and innuendo. – intermediate
  8. If she’s totally onboard but nothing is working, set up ideomotor signals and “negotiate” with her subconscious to overcome the block. You might have to ask for a low level of arousal to start with, and then build on that over time. (You can negotiate with a person’s subconscious mind like you would at a car dealership. Wild stuff.) – advanced

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