The attitude adjustment that paves the way to hypnotic mastery

One of the easiest ways to massively increase your effectiveness as a hypnotist is by making a simple shift in your attitude.

Most newbies approach hypnosis sessions from a place of panic, believing they have to perform each step perfectly in order to avoid an embarrassing experience.

But in the real world, things rarely go smoothly, whether you’re working with a paying client or trying to gift your tinder date with a hypnotic o-gasm.

The first step to jacking up your effectiveness is cutting your expectations down to ZERO.

In other words, tell yourself that you don’t need a specific result to happen, and that you’re perfectly ok with NOTHING happening.

In fact, you’re going to have fun no matter what goes down, even if you botch the induction and your subject disappointingly claims they don’t think they were hypnotized.

Going further, even if your subject flips out and starts berating you for your lack of competence (never happens, btw), you’ll at least have a funny story to tell.

My attitude is this: “I’m spending my time doing an activity that I love. And even if nothing goes the way I want, the experience will still benefit me in some way (e.g., allowing me to practice staying calm under pressure, etc.).

Now, after you’ve lowered your expectations, you’ll then focus on making the process enjoyable for yourself. Keep a playful attitude while considering the entire experience an experiment, of sorts.

You’re a goofball in a laboratory who’s mixing a bunch of chemicals together just to see what happens.

(Always a fun time, even when you accidentally blow up your meth lab.)

Lastly, remind yourself that you can recover from almost anything that happens.

Since every newbie’s biggest fear is looking silly in front of an audience, I created a video called “Immaculate Perception” that shows you how to look like a superstar no matter how your subject responds to you.

(This vid was originally part of the Mastermind Program, but I included it with Mindvana as a surprise bonus.)

When you know exactly what to do and say when things go horribly wrong, all of the pressure disappears and you start projecting the unshakable confidence of a master hypnotist.

If you have the Mindvana Home Study Course, you’ve seen me run into almost every annoying issue you’ll ever face.

You’ve also seen how I stay calm and methodically work around each obstacle (while breaking down my thought process step-by-step in the accompanying session notes).

I’ve even included some of my “total failures” to give you a complete picture of what can go down in the trenches. After studying these videos, you’ll be ready to handle absolutely anything that pops up in a session.

As I’ve always said, the fastest way to master this material is by troubleshooting challenges and roadblocks. So, start looking forward to your “difficult” sessions, since they’re the ones which generate the most aha moments and move you closer to absolute mastery of this material.

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