How to get a girl to hand you her “love roadmap”

I had to shoot over to the ballerina’s last night because she wasn’t feeling well and wanted some company.

Nothing wrong with displaying some “boyfriend behaviors,” especially if you want a girl to see you as more than an f buddy.

To key is doing this sparingly while still maintaining all of the behaviors which attracted her in the first place. You also need to keep some distance and give her space to miss you. Can’t be too eager.

Now when it comes to making a girl want to be your girlfriend, Mindvana students have a roadmap for how to do this.

Go watch the “Criteria Elicitation” video that came bundled with the “Katie Sessions” bonus pack (it’s also listed under month #5 of the Mastermind Membership).

This video will teach you how to elicit a woman’s most cherished criteria and values for her ideal relationship.

Not only will you get the actual steps for making her feel the way she wants, but you’ll also be able to set “triggers” for her value states.

For example, a woman may say she wants “fun” in a relationship.

But that can mean anything, so we ask her “what do you mean by that” or “give me some examples of what that would look like.”

And then she’ll tell us the behaviors that give her this experience. This not only helps you figure out if the two of you are compatible, but it gives you some guidelines for how you should act when you spend time together.

After that, we’ll chunk up on her criteria to see which values it leads to.

Maybe having fun allows her to experience “excitement” which leads to an all-encompassing sense of “serenity” or “soul growth” or whatever.

And as she accesses that high-level emotion in order to explain it, we’ll set an anchor so we can “trigger” that feeling anytime we want.

How do you think a woman will feel about a man who can consistently deliver the emotional states she craves the most?

The best part is that we can be LAZY since firing off the triggers is all you need to do to bring back the feelings.

Sure beats scratching your head trying to figure out how to make her feel “soul growth” (whatever that means).

As you know, Mindvana teaches how to set triggers for many highly-desired states like happiness, sexiness, arousal, etc. This is just another application of the same technique.

Oh, and did I mention that taking a woman through the elicitation process already starts to link all those values to you?

A nice little side effect for us lazy bastards.

Now, one of the traps that many guys fall into is focusing on ONLY giving a woman the emotions she says she wants.

Like when his girl says she wants to feel “safe” with a guy, he’ll walk on eggshells trying to make her feel this way all the time.

This is a mistake.

As I’ve mentioned countless times, women want to feel a VARIETY of emotions, including ones which we would perceive to be “negative.” So be sure to mix things up.

A 70/30 mix will do ya’ good.

And if you want to learn everything I know about eliciting powerful female emotions and putting them on a “remote control” so you can fire them off at will, then Mindvana will show you the way.

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