How to get a woman to talk herself into your pants

I decided to start running some Mindvana sessions over zoom as a little test for myself.

It’s much less enjoyable to work with a girl over zoom when I can have her sitting on my couch, but you can get the exact same results.

In many cases, you can get BETTER results because it’s much easier to make her feel safe and comfortable when she’s sitting in her own bed without a camera pointed at her face.

I worked with a new girl last night who turned out to be a real chatterbox. I LOVE girls like this because they make the seduction process much easier.

So instead of proceeding as normal, I started asking questions. 90min later I had her whole life story.

And this reminded me of a few tips I can share with you.

First off, I used to be awful in social situations. I certainly wasn’t known to have the gift of gab and I used to be extremely anxious and worried about how I was being perceived.

And now I can effortlessly talk to anyone about anything for hours on end.

This is an extremely useful skill that anyone can learn.

Women frequently complain that most guys they meet run out of things to talk about on the first date, which is a major blunder. Strained conversations with awkward silences will not move you any closer to the bedroom.

Getting a woman to open up is vital since it not only makes her feel safe (she’ll backwards rationalize that she must feel comfortable with you since she spilled the beans), but it makes her feel like she’s known you for longer than she actually has.

The girl from last night knows nothing about me and I know almost everything about her. But I guarantee she’ll be thinking about me all day today.

And I made this happen by simply directing the conversation like a skilled conductor (think JK Simmons in “Whiplash”). 😉

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Start with “vibing” which is the foundation of everything I do. This will give you a simple formula for talking about practically anything for hours on end.

Next, you want to sprinkle in a few other tactics, like “breaking rapport.”

A lot of guys comment that I’m sometimes a bit too harsh with the Mindvana girls. In other words, I make judgmental comments and act like a di*ck for no reason.

And to that, I’d reply: “But there IS a reason. I’m playing with their emotions.”

“Breaking rapport” is part of “push/pull” where you give approval one minute and then tease (or judge) her a minute later. You can keep this up indefinitely to ping pong her emotions all over the place.

On top of that, be sure to sprinkle in cocky phrases like “you just want me for my body like all the other girls,” and “stop trying to seduce me. I’m not that easy.”

After internalizing all these strategies for years, I now have everything on auto-pilot. But there’s definitely a formula to all this.

And when you use this formula, you’ll be able to converse for hours on end in a way that makes a girl perceive you as a high-value prize to be won over.

I added these teaching videos to Mindvana as extra bonuses, because these are all the things I do behind-the-scenes that you don’t always get to see on camera.

And whether you’re trying to pick up a new 21yo hottie or maintain the love of a woman you’ve been with for years, this skill-set will serve you well.

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