How to get that late-night lovin by breaking all the rules

My brain has been fried these past couple of weeks.

I blame women for this, of course. Loading my schedule up with a preposterous overabundance of females has negatively affected my productivity. Who would have thought?

I have plenty of topics stuck in my head that I want to write about, but each morning I find myself staring at a blank word doc for 10min with nothing coming to mind.

And once an email finally starts to form, it feels choppy and disjointed, and no matter how many times I proofread it I still miss a glaring typo.

Is this what “burnout” feels like?

I wouldn’t know. It’s not a concept in my reality. To me, “burnout” implies a serious problem that can only be fixed by a considerable period of slacking off.

So I decided to relabel it as “cognitive over-saturation” and forced myself to take a few days off and have some fun on the funnest day of the year.

Valentine’s Day, of course.

Most people think V-Day is just a made-up BS holiday designed to sell cards, flowers, and overpriced chocolate.

But these people are all so, so wrong.

Feb 14th is the only day of the year that real love can be shown, since real, true love is all about spending money on a special day selected by some marketing genius who was ahead of his time.

It’s also quite the impressive display of hypnosis. How many of us feel an overwhelming obligation to open our wallets on this most holy of holidays?

Look, the only men that should be celebrating Valentine’s Day are Hallmark shareholders. I decided in my twenties to avoid this fabricated nonsense and have since disappointed dozens of girls over the years.

Well, up until this past Sunday that is, when I broke my streak and took a girl out for the most romantic date in the history of romance. It was like a Telenovela, minus being fatally stabbed by a jilted lover.

So what made me decide to break my cardinal rule and start simping out like everyone else?

Because rules are meant to be broken – including my own.

When it comes to seducing women, a lot of guys get caught up in absolutes like “never compliment her looks when you first meet her” or “never take a new girl to an expensive restaurant.”

And while it’s certainly useful to have guidelines, realize that it’s not about what you do or don’t do… it’s about the intention behind your actions.

A lot of guys use their money to try to impress women, as if showing off their spending power makes women excited to hop into bed.

Valentine’s Day is an extreme example, where guys try to “do a good job” while hoping to be rewarded with female approval and (hopefully) some late-night lovin. It’s a horrible frame to get stuck in.

But as I was wrapping up a shoot on Sunday with a new Mindvana girl who mentioned she didn’t have any V-day plans, I was all like:

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up. Listen girl… ain’t no way I lettin’ you be all lonely on V-Day. I’m taking your ass out for some romance.”

And off we went to find a ramen spot.

Now, there are a few things happening behind the scenes that you should be aware of…

First off, I framed the “date” as me feeling sorry for her and wanting to cheer her up. I also told her that, since NYC just opened up indoor dining, there was absolutely no way I was letting her sit this one out (I imposed my will and didn’t allow her to say no).

And while taking a new girl out on Feb 14th could have potentially looked “simpy,” I knew there was a 90% chance it would lead to se-x.

As the guys who have my “Seduction Mastery Program” know, when you act like an attractive guy, time spent with a girl is your ALLY. The more time you spend with her, the more likely you are to end up in bed.

I spent 4 hours Mindvana-ing her prior to dinner, so she was already primed for more. All I needed was more TIME. It didn’t matter what we did together, as long as I had more time to interact with her.

Lastly, I made sure that I had fun. I took her to a ramen spot that I wanted to go to, and afterwards, a Thai desert spot on Saint Marks that I haven’t been to in forever.

Instead of trying to “impress” her, I went to where I know I’d have a good time and brought her along for the ride.

All subtle points, but they changed the entire vibe of the interaction. And the only surprises of the night came after the 21yo ballet girl (who is 22 years younger and 2 inches taller) wanted to show me her new apartment.

I was surprised by how late it was when I got home, how sluggish my brain was in the morning, and how I had no choice to but to skip Monday’s regular mailing due to extreme mental and physical over-saturation.

Had to bring that excuse around full circle.

Anyhoo, if you want to experience a similar form of nymphette-induced full-body exhaustion, then MIndvana will teach you how to simp like a boss while completely exhausting your energy reserves in record time.

(And the Gold version of Mindvana also unlocks the first batch of Seduction Mastery Videos, as a nice little bonus. Enjoy.)

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