How to know if a girl sees you as an alpha

I was talking to one of my clients yesterday about “women’s rules” and how ridiculous they can be.

“I don’t have se-x until the 6th date.”

“I won’t drive more than 10min to meet a guy.”

“The man always needs to pay.”

“I don’t like giving bj’s.”

“I’ll never have a 3-some.”

And on the list goes.

And as ridiculous as some of these can be, the good news is that you’ll never have to worry about any of them. Because these rules only apply to the men she’s not terribly interested in.

Beta males, if you will.

Because women will break ALL of their rules for an alpha male.

When the right man comes along, that innocent little church girl might end up on her knees in a dirty bathroom stall.

Go read books like “The Dirt” (about the band Motley Crue) to get an idea of how women act when they see you as a rock star.

When a girl you’re dating starts dumping her rules all over you, you should be PISSED.

Not pissed at her, but mad at yourself for allowing yourself to be seen as a beta, since how you’re perceived is largely under your control.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a famous musician to get women to see you as the “fun, se-x guy” to whom her rules don’t apply.

One way is becoming a maestro at manipulating their emotional states.

If you can make a woman feel connected and safe, open and adventurous, and incredibly aroused with just your words, then don’t be surprised if women start mistaking you for Nikki Sixx.

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