When the innocent church girl goes to the strip club

Rob weighs in on last week’s “innocent church girl” comment…


“Jay, you said: ‘When the right man comes along, that innocent little church girl might end up on her knees in a dirty bathroom stall.’

Back in my days as a touring male ‘revue’ show performer, I’d see that almost every night. The more innocent looking, the dirtier the girl, and 80% of the time she wasn’t single.

You speak the truth. Keep educating the men of the world.” – Rob


Male dancers have the craziest stories, I’m sure. This song comes to mind:

Stories like this need to be shared because men need to collectively help and support each other. We can all learn from our brothers who have been in the trenches.

I can also vouch for the fact that guys who play the game on a higher level have just as many (if not more) problems to deal with.

I can tell you stories about my famous buddy (who has a show on ESPN) losing his girlfriend to a Rangers hockey player, then years later having to deal with Mario Lopez constantly trying to bang his wife. lol

It’s rough out there no matter who you are.

John lays out another sneaky female trick…


“Hi Jay. Just recently I have been doing a lot of study on marriage breakups, cheating and infidelity.

Some of the things people do and I must clarify here, women especially do to go outside their marriages even when it’s a good marriage would make your hair curl even if you had no hair. You could not make these stories up in a fantasy novel.

One of the favorites: women tell their partner ‘we need time apart to sort our heads out and see how we feel after a few months.’

What she really means is she has another guy she is either sleeping with or wants to try out to see if it will work out before she dumps her husband.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and only a very subdued cheater (if I told you some of the ones I have learned about you would turn grey).

What gets to me though it is never the cheater’s fault. What they are doing is irrefutably right in their minds. So one thing it really did show me is how you and Mindvana can be a true solution to this problem.

If you use Mindvana from the beginning on a woman there’s a very good chance she will never stray because her focus will be on her marriage. And even if she does slip, she won’t find the same pleasure with anyone else anyway because it’s all in the mind to start with and you already have her mind focused on you.

You my friend are going to become a very rich man even if you don’t know it yet because Mindvana is the solution to practically all of these marriage breakups.” – John


Thanks, John. A few comments…

I agree completely… when a girl hits you with this line, she’s almost always ready to cheat (if she hasn’t already started). And after she commits to it mentally, she’ll find a way to justify it to herself.

If your girl ever tells you she wants a temporary break, tell her it’s a great idea, then immediately Shut Down The Town (read my book “Get Your Girl Back”) and go find yourself a new girl ASAP.

At that point, you’re just her backup plan if things with the new guy go south. Sure, it’s possible to repair the situation, but you’re much better off starting from scratch with a new girl and making sure things never get to that point ever again.

And, yes, Mindvana can help with this.

But keep in mind it’s NOT a 100% cure-all for the “silly buggers” that females are known for. Mate selection is just as important as everything else I teach (if you pick a garbage girl, you’ll be in for a rough ride no matter what you do).

And there’s also no guarantee that a girl with a solid background will never stray (as Rob reminds us). Again, this is where Mindvana comes in.

When you can give a woman the feelings she craves, the likelihood of her even considering a fling goes way, way down. Why would she risk losing the rare man who genuinely fulfills her needs?

And, trust me, women are STARVING for this stuff. If only I had a nickel for every girl who writes in to thank me for teaching this stuff to men, or for each one I give o-gasms to over Zoom who ask to meet in person for a naked demo.

None of this is rocket science and you can start instantly reaping the benefits after a bit of study and practice – benefits like having women put their rules aside while giving you the BEST of themselves, se-xually and otherwise.

Se-x on demand is a given, but it’s only one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy. Not to mention it’ll be nearly impossible for your woman to ever replace you.

Not such a bad insurance policy. And much less expensive than what Geico charges.

Speaking of Geico, I think I need a mascot to help motivate you guys.

Maybe the Mindvana Mongoose?

Speedy, immune to venom, and makes short work of poisonous reptiles. Sounds about right.

I’ll work on it. In the meantime, you can work on becoming a one-in-a-million man right here:

>>>Become the charming, sexy mammal that women crave and go all “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi” on those shady thotties

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