How to purposely ping the pu$$y radar

I heard 3 different stories this past week which all confirmed the existence of a phenomenon most commonly known as “pu$$y radar.”

You know… when a girl you lost contact with pops back up SECONDS after you start talking to a new one.

How they can smell it on you from afar, I’ll never know. But I do know it’s a thing.

Perhaps all the ladies you slipped up with desperately want to give you a second chance at making them submit to your toxic masculinity. But before that can happen, they need you to purge any and all neediness you might be harboring.

“Please prove to me that I’m not important and can be easily replaced. Gracias, Papi.”

This phenomenon is so very real that it can make people feel like they’re starring in their very own Truman Show – as if a director is cuing these women to walk back into the scene at carefully scripted moments.

It’s trippy and supports the theory that we’re all living in a computer simulation (one that’s been glitchy af these days).

And since we’re on the topic of breakups this week, let’s talk about how important it is to get new girls into your pipeline the second your main girl decides to walk.

Even if your only desire is getting your girl back, having new women in the picture is vitally important (even if you choose not to sleep with them).

And this is because having other women interested in you not only helps wipe out any needy tendencies, but makes it far more likely that your girl will reach out to you, even if she has no actual evidence (e.g., social media posts, etc.) that you’re out looking for her replacement.

Like I said, they can smell it on you from afar. And unfortunately, no matter how tight your game may be, this is one thing you can’t fake, since a woman can also tell when she’s your only option.

When it comes to salvaging things with a girl you care about, the first step is cutting off all contact so you can give the situation some breathing room.

Step #2 is finding some new women to spend time with. The sooner you do this, the better.

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