The seduction technique that trumps looks, money, and muscles

When it comes to picking up women, it’s been said that the sole predictor of how successful you’ll be is your ability to manage logistics.

In other words, are you able to skillfully isolate the girl you’re interested in, whether it’s convincing her to follow you from the club to your home, the backseat of your car, or (in some cases) a grimy bathroom stall.

This ability is far more important than being able to make them laugh, make them horny, etc.

And that’s because se-x between a man and a woman naturally tends to happen whenever they’re alone together, as long as the guy is moderately attractive (i.e., has decent social skills, non-needy, etc.).

It all comes down to how skillfully you can build compliance.

“Can I get this person to obey simple instructions?”

Compliance also comes in handy when trying to build attraction and desire, since the more someone invests their time and energy into you, the more their feelings for you start to intensify.

I had a girl recently offer to take me to dinner for my birthday. But instead, I suggested she come over and bake me a cake.

I didn’t want her money. I wanted her investment.

When you’re spending time with a woman you like, you should always be thinking, “how can I get her to invest in me even more?”

Compliance is also the foundation of hypnosis.

Can you get your subject to follow along and accept your suggestions? And if you hit some resistance, are you confident in your ability to move them past it and get them back on track?

Learning the structure of hypnosis will make you a much better leader, persuader, and seducer. In fact, it shocks me that some guys still haven’t bothered to learn even the basics of hypnosis.

This really does blow my mind, considering that hypnosis is happening all around us and affects every aspect of our lives.

The infamous Richard Bandler (who loved to mess with his students) used to say: “Everything is hypnosis. And nothing is hypnosis,” meaning that the process of influence is happening all the time, whether you’re aware of it or not (jn this very email, for instance).

It’s literally everywhere. And you’re either going to be the one doing the influencing or the one being influenced.

So if you’re ready to be “at cause” rather than “at affect,” then you can get yourself up to speed on how this process really works right here:

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