How to sneak naughty thoughts into a woman’s mind

Another way to add humor to your interactions with women is through “misinterpretation.”

This is where you purposely misunderstand the things they say, ideally pointing out that something sexual is being implied.

Little Cutie: “Look, they have a photo booth. We should take some silly pics together.”

Smooth-talking Playboy: “You just wanna get me alone so you can take advantage of me. Yeah, we can check it out but only if you promise to behave.”


(after she compliments your shirt): “Stop staring at my chest. All you girls only want one thing, but I’m more than just a piece of meat.”

You can also pretend that you misheard a word or two:

Little Cutie: “I wanna thank you for the lovely time tonight.”

Cocky Casanova: “You wanna spank me all night? I didn’t realize you liked the kinky stuff but why am I not surprised?”

Misinterpretation is a great way to put naughty thoughts in your date’s mind while framing her as the pervy aggressor. And you can get better at this with practice.

While watching TV, listen to what’s being said and ask yourself “what else does this sound like” or “what else can this sentence mean?”

You’ll eventually get better at spitting out bladder-emptying repartees in live conversation, until the women you date are forced to protect themselves with adult diapers.

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