Seducing a beautiful girl with a gallon of milk

Some questions came in about humor and how someone can learn to be funny and more playful around women.

Humor isn’t the easiest topic to teach but there are a few “techniques” that I use religiously that anyone can easily implement.

The first one is “callback humor.”

When spending time with a new girl, you’ll want to work on creating an “us” frame which consists of shared experiences and shared interests.

As in “we like this,” and “we don’t like that,” vs. “I like this and you like that.”

This leads the girl to start thinking of you as a potential boyfriend. And a big part of this “we’re a couple” frame is having private jokes that only the two of you understand.

The other day, my Colombian girl asked how my Spanish lessons were coming along. I mentioned I was learning some wacky expressions commonly used in Spain.

One of them was “me cago en la leche” (I pooped in the milk!), which is the Spanish equivalent of “I sh*t the bed.”

She wrote back: “Me cayo en la leche? JAJAJAJAJA”

“Cayo” means “I fell,” which was a typo, since she meant to write “cago.”

Anytime a girl makes a mistake with anything at all, you should tease her mercilessly (especially if she’s very attractive). So, of course, I jumped on the opportunity:

“You FELL in the milk? What a clumsy girl you are.”

Teasing a girl for silly mistakes is one way to keep your interactions light and playful. They also give you opportunities for callback humor, where you start looking for conversational openings to bring up the joke again.

The Colombian planned on attending a protest on Monday (which can easily turn violent), so I told her to text me every 30min so I’d know she was ok (a compliance request which also demonstrates a desire to protect her).

She then changed her mind and said she was staying home, to which I replied: “Envíame un mensaje de texto de todos modos, así sé que no te caíste en la leche.”

(“Text me anyway, so I know you didn’t fall in the milk.”)

Your jokes don’t need to be that witty or sophisticated. Silly humor gets the job done, and then you can focus on finding opportunities to revisit your inside jokes.

For example, if we’re at a restaurant and the waiter brings us a little container of milk for our coffee, I can point at it and say, “Be careful.”

This is what couples naturally do, so our goal is to reverse engineer this process as quickly as possible.

And remember, your ultimate goal isn’t to make your girl laugh… it’s to make YOURSELF laugh. This keeps you in a playful mood which rubs off on everyone around you.

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More tips coming tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Ciao for now.


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