The douchebag’s guide to insulting beautiful girls

I’ve been on a roll with these happiness tips, so I’m gonna keep the streak going for another week.

If you’ve seen some of the Mindvana vids, you know that I’m always joking around with the girls, making sure we’re both laughing and having a good time.

Shockingly enough, I’m not just a douche when the camera’s rolling, but equally douchey all throughout my day, regardless of what I’m doing or whom I’m speaking to.

And I make sure to double my douchiness whenever I’m chatting up a girl I’m interested in.

I recently asked a beautiful Colombian I met online to send me a short video of herself.

She sent it over with a comment attached:

“Lo siento. Soy muy feo.” (“Sorry. I’m very ugly.”)

To which I replied:

“Sí, parece que el techo se derrumbó y cayó de bruces.” (“I agree. It looks like the ceiling collapsed and fell on your face.”)

She lol’d.

(PSA: don’t say something like this to girl who doesn’t KNOW she’s hot. Calibration is your bestest bud.)

And just to clarify, I never purposely try to make girls laugh. I’m always trying to make MYSELF laugh, which is a key distinction.

People hate to be bored and I’m no exception. Whether I’m writing my goofy morning emails or flirting with a Colombian smokeshow, you’ll always find me giggling like a schoolgirl.

Approach life with a playful attitude along with the desire to make everything more interesting and FUN, and everything else will fall into place.

Life is far more enjoyable when you start to lighten up and see everything as a big joke. And it does wonders for your happiness baseline.

You can develop this mindset by constantly asking yourself “what’s funny about this situation” multiple times throughout your day, whether you’re practicing the Elman induction on a beautiful girl, or in the process of getting arrested for not wearing a face diaper.

Additionally, keep in mind that your emotional state has a powerful influence on others. For example, if you’re a nervous wreck around the women you like, they’ll tend to feel just as nervous. But if you’re relaxed and playful, you’ll find them slipping into goofball mode just as easily.

Simply put, the best way to make a girl feel more comfortable in your presence is for YOU to feel more comfortable around her.

And once she’s feeling relaxed and playful, she’ll start joining in on the fun.

When the Colombian cutie mentioned she wanted to learn how to shoot guns, I sent her a pic of my beloved Scorpion EVO AR-9, to which she replied:

“¿Cuándo comenzamos la purga? 😊” (“When do we start the purge?”)

This one might be a keeper.

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More tips coming tomorrow. Stay tuned…


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