How two goofy Stern Show guests inspired a budding sorcerer of sexual hypnosis

Back when I was in high school, I was a huge Howard Stern fan. I listened to Howard every day on the way to school and watched his show on the E! network before bed.

And I’ll never forget the episode, featuring two goofy geeks, that completely changed my life.

This unsightly duo figured out a way to hang out with any celebrities they wanted, along with scoring fr-ee tickets for any award show. And they had the pictures to back it up.

One of the guys was so over-the-top goofy looking, that I’ll never forget how out-of-place he looked standing next to celebs like Tom Hanks, Sharon Stone, and Mariah Carey.

But I was inspired.

I was about 19 years old (and equally as goofy) when I saw their Stern Show appearance. But the very next day I made a beeline for Barnes and Noble to pick up their book, “How to Meet and Hang Out with the Stars.”

And it truly was a “how to” book. They shared dozens of proven techniques for getting past any velvet ropes that might stand in your way.

Personally, I was never interested in meeting celebs, but have always been crazy about music. So I tried using their techniques to get fr-ee CD’s, press kits, concert tickets, and photo passes.

And let me tell you… the strategies in their book worked flawlessly.

I even figured out how to meet and interview my favorite musicians, which led to a short stint as a (crappy public access) TV show host.

Nothing brought me more joy than hanging out backstage with my favorite bands. And while I was just a goofy kid from bumblefu*k New Jersey who had no business being there, nobody ever questioned my “credentials.”

But maybe they should have, since goofy I certainly was. (I remember one time “working” the photo pit for a Deftones show, alongside pro photographers, while I was obliviously snapping away on a $5 disposable camera.)

But I didn’t give a fu*k. I was perfectly happy standing on the shoulders of others if it shortened the path to my desired outcome – even if I looked ridiculous in the process.

(“Just show up and act like you belong.” Always worked for me.)

And I believe it was the fr-ee tickets I scored for a sold-out Korn concert that finally convinced me…

…there really ARE cheat-codes to life.

This is what put me on the path to seeking out the other hidden cheat codes all around me.

Around this time is when I started learning hypnosis, and eventually, all the crazy Mindvana stuff. (Had I not been fully convinced there were cheat codes to be found, I would have given up my hypnosis journey long ago.)

At the same time, I was on a similar journey with dating/seduction and sexuality. It’s been 23 years now since I first started learning “game.” (I remember back when Ross Jeffries was the only teacher around – Mystery was just starting out and Neil Strauss didn’t pop up until many years later.)

Now, what this all means for you is this:

It’s now MY turn to hand over some cheat codes, so you can start opening doors you never realized could be unlocked.

Mindvana contains all the cheat codes for erot-ic hypnosis, whereas my (partially completed) Seduction Mastery Program dishes out all the pickup-related cheat codes you’ll ever need.

And with the release of my new “Soul-Locking Protocol” (which gives you the cheat codes to getting women positively addicted to having se-x with you), the holy trinity is now complete.

And you might be interested in knowing that the deadline to get 50% off the “Loving Obsession Protocol” (aka: The Soul-Locking Protocol”) is Sunday (8/16) at 11:59pm.

You can go here to check out all the details:

>>>Get Your Hands on the “Loving Obsession” Protocol (if you qualify)

P.S. Here are a few of the techniques you’ll be learning…

The counter-intuitive technique I learned from a legitimate Tantric sex master (who’s slept with hundreds of women and has a harem of girls who live to please him), that even a team of sexual research scientists would never figure out. (This one is extremely easy to understand and begin using, yet complicated to master. But it’s one of the secrets that will cement your status as the best lover a woman has ever had.)

How to activate every woman’s dormant (but God-given) ability to have powerful vaginal orgasms, even if she’s never experienced even a single lowly clitoral orgasm in her entire life.

My no-fail recipe for beating out men who are much taller, wealthier, and better looking than I am. (Once you start using these strategies, you’ll have ZERO competition and will never have to worry about being cheated on.)

My undetectable conversational anchoring technique that I learned from an incredibly annoying and downright goofy (yet highly skilled) NLP trainer, which lets you create mini-triggers for a woman’s most desired emotions, put them on a “remote control,” and then activate them whenever you wish, just by saying one simple word. (And the best part? Unlike how I teach this in Mindvana, this version doesn’t require any hypnosis – the entire process is conversational and completely undetectable.)

The one female (not-so-hidden) fantasy that most guys are terrified of tapping into. (This is one of the cornerstones of making a woman completely obsessed with having you in her life. It’s also a surefire way to “flip the script” and have a woman working for your affection and approval.)

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