Is this the most evil thing you can possibly do to a woman?

One of our members has a question about the “Loving Obsession Protocol” (aka: The “Soul-Locking Protocol”):


“Inspiring email today, Jay. It speaks to every guy trying to make it in this world, including myself.

Have a quick question. The phrase “locking a womans soul” sounds slightly abusive. Maybe its just the way your trying to market it but it sounds harsh to my ears. I can understand the “loving obsession” angle though. Would you mind clarifying what you mean?” – Phil


Sure thing. First off, inspiring you to greatness is exactly what I’m here for.

Far from being some big-time gooroo, I’m just a regular guy who was HUNGRY for a better life. I never wanted to be “average” in any way and simply decided to put the work in to get what I wanted.

And this attitude (actually, this DECISION) will get you halfway to where you wanna be.

To answer Phil’s question, unless you plan on using this protocol on a woman you couldn’t care less about, there’s nothing evil, manipulative, or “abusive” about it.

“Locking her soul” is a more interesting way of saying “make her feel the way she’s always wanted to feel and become the most important person in her world.”

Once you start eliciting the feelings a woman’s been starving for, you’ll have a fiercely loyal, “soul-locked,” ride-or-die girl on your hands, who will dream about servicing your every need while raising your babies.

And your life will be 100 times better, as a result.

Learning to fulfill a woman’s deepest bedroom needs is a natural progression for all Mindvana students.

For the guys who are new around here, Mindvana primes a woman to see you as the best lover she’s ever had, even BEFORE you make it to the bedroom. It teaches how to intensify skin sensitivity, elicit unbearable arousal, and deliver powerful, shivering o-gasms simply by whispering in your girl’s ear. You’ll blow her mind and make her see you in a completely different light.

But if you really want to “lock her soul” then you’ll also need to deliver the goods in the bedroom.

This was the missing piece that I left out of Mindvana, since it’s a completely different skill-set. And just like with Mindvana, it will put you head and shoulders above the competition.

But this isn’t about locking women in cages; in fact, quite the opposite.

When you use the “Loving Obsession Protocol,” you’ll not only be making a woman absolutely obsessed with pleasing you, but you’ll be LIBERATING her from the invisible cage she’s been trapped in.

I’m serious. Most girls have had nothing but mediocre se-x their entire lives and will be absolutely SHOCKED when they finally realize what they’ve been missing out on.

(Mall sushi tastes fine until you visit a 3-starred restaurant like Sukiyabashi Jiro.)

And once you unlock a woman’s primal se-xuality, her entire life starts to change for the better. She’ll start feeling like a Goddess who just opened her eyes for the very first time.

And that’s when the REAL fun begins.

Take my Russian yoga girl… Since meeting me 2 months ago, she’s experienced things she never imagined were possible. (For example: she’s categorized at least 7 different types of o-gasms so far, all containing their own unique set of sensations and originating in different parts of her body.)

Whenever she’s by my side, none of her life stressors bother her in the least. She also enjoys marinating in a state of low-level arousal all throughout the day, until I decide to intensify it (with just a glance) and make her dripping wet and begging to be touched.

When a woman is addicted to having se-x with you, she becomes “lovingly obsessed” with making you happy. And trust me, when they’re in this state, they feel open, alive, incredibly grateful, and even more in love with THEMSELVES. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

Funny story about yoga girl…

(But first, a quick side note: in Russian, the word “Bog” means “God” and “Boginya” [bah-GEEN-ya] means “Goddess.”)

After one of our marathon sessions, she looked up at me with wide, excited eyes and said…

“Baby… you now call me only Vaginya. Because I am Goddess of POOH-see!”

I lol’d.

But yeah, she feels that way because that’s exactly what she’s become. And she loves me even more for introducing her to the divinity within.

And again, I’m not special. ANY man can lead his woman through a similar experience after he gets his hands on the launch codes. The rest is as simple as turning a key and pressing a button.

So, if you’re ready to start dropping nuclear warheads while unleashing your girl’s inner Vaginya, then you’ll be happy to know you can scoop up my Loving Obsession Protocol at 50% off (until Sunday evening).

But let me drop, yet, another warning.

This is not to be used on drunken tinder dates. You should only be using it on women you truly care about, since using the full protocol exactly the way I teach it will make a girl completely obsessed with you.

And while a stalker can be fun to joke about, things can quickly turn sour and lead to disastrous consequences (especially if she wants revenge for a broken heart).

Using Mindvana, alone, can be enough to create stalkers (in some cases). And adding in the bedroom tactics takes things to another level (I named it the “obsession protocol” for a reason.)

(And this isn’t marketing hype. In the age of #metoo and false ra*pe accusations, you’re far better off being open and honest about your intentions then making a girl you couldn’t care less about fall completely in love with you. Tread carefully.)

So that’s the deal. And if you wanna see what all the fuss is about, you can check out the details right here:

>>>Get Your Hands on the “Loving Obsession” Protocol (if you qualify)

P.S. For this week only, anyone who purchases a Platinum Mindvana subscription (the one that comes with private lessons) will receive the Loving Obsession Protocol as a fr-ee gift.

P.P.S. Here’s a few more juicy, squeezy bits under the hood of the Loving Obsession Protocol…

The safe, tame versions of the enslavement techniques that pimps use on their hoes. (These modified techniques work just as well to make a woman se-xually addicted to your presence.)

An admittingly sneaky (but very clever) trick that ensures every girl you sleep with has (at least) one o-gasm during intercourse. It’s definitely considered “cheating” but a woman’s body doesn’t know the difference, and you’ll get to reap all the benefits. (Yes, I teach one version of this in Mindvana. But this is a different application that doesn’t require any hypnosis whatsoever. In fact, it works without you having to utter a single word.)

A step-by-step blueprint for making any woman realize you’re the best she’s ever had, the very first time you sleep with her. (Due to changes in the modern dating landscape, if you screw up your first se-xual encounter with a woman nowadays, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a second chance to make up for it.)

The RIGHT way to fulfill your girl’s innate craving for love and romance without risking her seeing you as just another lame “nice guy” or simp. (Most guys do romance all wrong, and waste a ton of money in the process. This principle alone will easily save you THOUSANDS of dollars over the next few years.)


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