If your woman fails the “worship test” she might end up cheating on you

A new member writes in with some questions…


“Hey Jay, I’ve purchased your mindvana gold package with the goal of bringing back the confidence in my girlfriend that she had when we first started dating (since the start of the year).

She’s had a rough past (prior to me) which I haven’t been able to get the full story out of her but she is very reserved and struggles to talk about her emotions and it’s starting to cause tension between us.

Not to mention the s-ex which for the first few months was amazing, has now dropped off and has resulted in me feeling sh*t about myself as all previous girlfriends I’ve had we’ve always had an awesome s-ex life.

But the main reason I bought the package if I’m being honest is she has given amazing head to me in the past, but then all of a sudden stopped and said she’s never really liked doing it (to any guy) and hates feeling pressured into doing it. Which I was hoping the hypnosis would help with.

I am getting through the first week of the course but have tried it on her a few times with success. I’ve only gone up to the point of her remembering a time when she felt happy and beautiful.

She really enjoys doing it and is telling me she feels what I am telling her to feel and is happy to continue doing sessions, in fact has asked me to do it a few times. So thank you for teaching me that.

My question is, can I continue to do the same techniques with her, and slowly progress as I progress in the course. Or should I hold off until I’ve completed more of the course?

The next thing is, I live in a small remote town as a teacher so I’m not able to go find practice people as they would be students’ parents which I’m not sure how that would go in the town I’m at.

Thanks again and I’m enjoying learning the techniques.”


Good stuff. The first thing I did was congratulate him on taking action. Not only did he invest a decent chunk of cash into Mindvana Gold, but he applied what he learned instead of letting procrastination get the best of him.

As a result, even though he’s just getting started, he’s already enjoying a level of success. It’s also a great sign that his gf’s been requesting more sessions, so he definitely seems to be on the right track.

Regarding his questions, I posted my reply up on the Teachable portal so other members can benefit from it (check the comments section under “Luciana Session 1”).

I also explained that I added a bonus video on se-x and escalation to Mindvana Gold which explains how to make your gf completely eager to give you head – a method which doesn’t even require hypnosis, but you can certainly combine this approach with hypnotic triggers (pleasure + arousal) for a nuclear-enhanced effect.

I would encourage him to watch this video ASAP and fix any mistakes he might be making OUTSIDE the bedroom, because it seems that his girl has already failed the “worship test.”

The fact that the frequency of se-x has gone down in the first year of dating is already a huge (and sadly common) issue. But the BJ issue is perhaps even a bigger problem.

Because if your girl isn’t happily and consistently giving you bj’s, then it’s likely that something is seriously wrong in the relationship.

How so?

Because this particular act is one of RESPECT more than anything else.

When a woman sees you as her king, she’ll naturally want to please you in this way (and as often as possible). And while this may sound a little out there, she’ll actually consider it to be a form of worship (at least on a subconscious level).

And a woman will continue to happily worship her king until she decides he’s no longer fit for the throne. At that point, she becomes much more likely to cheat (or walk away completely).

And even if a girl willingly bows down in front of the alter upon request, it doesn’t always mean you’re in the clear. It’s the WAY she does this that shows her true devotion (or whether she’s just looking to pacify you).

That being said, I’m sure it won’t be long until this student rectifies the situation and has his girlfriend passing the “worship test” with flying colors.

Women are complicated, I get it. And learning to give women hypnotic o-gasms is even more complicated.

But none of this is supposed to be easy. Beautiful women are one of the world’s most prized commodities and every other man on the planet wants what you want.

And while most guys believe we’re all forced to compete on the level of looks, height, muscles, money, and fame, I can assure you that there’s a little-known alternative that allows guys like me (who can’t compete on any of those levels) the ability to score lots of happy happy time with model-quality females (who are often two decades younger), without having to pay for their affection (via expensive dates or sugar baby arrangements).

So if you’re sick and tired of letting me soak up all the fun (since you realize there’s more than enough to go around), then you might choose to invest some time and money into learning a skill-set that will give you such an unfair advantage it’ll be like injecting an illegal PES at the O-gasmic Olympics.

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