Tiny wang vindication tactics

One of our members, John, writes in with advice for handling female sh*t tests…


“A guy needs to always take good care of his woman but at the same time let her know if she messes around on him she will be replaced in a flash.

The problem a lot of guys face today is that the men with the large equipment get promoted like they are fantastic in bed and while this might be the case for a small minority the majority are not.

Women of course get the idea through teasing each other that they want to try the larger equipment so hence the cheating starts, innocently at first but then it get serious as women tend to get very emotionally attached.

It’s in a womans mind that everything plays out so it’s overcoming her mind that is the key to keeping her happy. Your method with mindvana overcomes that because youre in her head and giving her the emotional connection she needs always.

But you always need to show her she is yours and you will take care of her as well as gently reminding her how much she would miss you if someone else was getting all that attention.

It has taken me a lifetime and many broken relationships to figure all this out basically because I was so shy with women, but enough hurt taught me women can be users and will take advantage of a shy guy.

So in the end I said to hell with it all. If you fancy a girl just go for it. Attack head on so to speak. Either she will or she won’t.

Using the tactics Mindvana teaches gives a guy a the advantage always. Of course you will always get some women who don’t respond but they are the ones to avoid anyway. Iust never let them beat you, just move on and show her she isn’t the only fish in the sea. She will then start wondering what she is missing.”


There’s a lot of good points here, but I want to specifically focus on “equipment size.”

Our po*rn culture has completely messed up men in so many ways. Most guys have been conditioned (at a young age) to think that it’s impossible to satisfy a woman unless you’re hung like a horse.

And this leaves guys who are perfectly normal, feeling inadequate and insecure.

Like John mentioned, the po*rn culture also affects women, and makes them curious about testing out larger equipment (especially when they’re used to having mediocre se-x.)

But what most women don’t realize is this: one of the main reasons they don’t enjoy se-x and always feel like something is missing is due to being physically and emotionally NUMB.

Their vaginas are also numb and unable to produce the sensations they’re craving in the bedroom (due to vibrator use, shame/guilt, se-xual trauma, etc.)

In actuality, penis size matters waaaay less than you might think (90% of guys have nothing to worry about). In fact, it matters even less when you’re using the Mindvana Method to massively increase a woman’s emotional and physical sensitivity.

(And how about using hypnosis to make a woman think, feel, and believe that you’re the “biggest” guy she’s ever been with? Is it stupid-simple to do? Yup yup. Is it “cheating?” Well, yeah… kinda. But does it work like gangbusters, regardless? Yuuuuu betcha.)

One last point on penis size: what’s far worse than being smaller than average is being INSECURE about it. Insecurity, in general, repulses women on a visceral level, so you should be working hard to squash ALL of your insecurities.

I have a laundry list of them, myself. And if I allow them to bother me again (the way they used to), I could throw bricks of cash at prostitutes and still get completely ignored.

But when you start believing that you’re the KING, that’s when girls start believing it, too (and you’ll start waking up in the morning next to models 20 years younger – it’s a real nuisance, lemme tell ya).

Another hugely detrimental effect of frequent po*rn use is that it makes it difficult for a man to get turned on without it. And, over time, can lead to severe ED where it becomes nearly impossible to get an erection without relying on chemical assistance.

Very horrible, super awful, terribly dreadful stuff.

I’d wager that most guys have probably forgotten what it’s like to get erect just by seeing a naked woman in front of them. Which reminds me…

Of all the ridiculous comments on my youtube channel, some of the funniest ones come from the dozens of crazies who are obsessed with staring at my package.

“He hard!”

“I see boner!”

“OMG boner. Pervert!”

“That nigga hard, yo.”

“Bwahaha. This guys got boners the whole time”

Guilty as charged. It’s an unfortunate side-effect of heterosexuality.

Getting turned on during your er-otic hypnosis sessions is completely normal, especially when you’re attracted to the women you’re working with.

As you’ve already learned in my 7-Day Quick Start Course, when it comes to making a subject feel a specific emotion or sensation, YOU need to go first. This means you’ll be much more effective if you first allow yourself to feel the emotion/sensation you’re trying to elicit.

In other words, if you want to elicit powerful arousal in a woman, then you should allow yourself to become turned on as you’re delivering the suggestions.

And if you start abstaining from po*rn, you’ll notice that it becomes much easier to get turned on, in general. Then you can relax and enjoy yourself in the bedroom without being worried that you won’t be able to “perform.”

Older guys need to make sure their testosterone levels are in a healthy range and that their diet is supportive to quality erections. But I can assure you that most guys suffering from “po*rn-induced boner-impairment” (that’s medical terminology) have nothing wrong with their hormones, but everything wrong with their dopamine reward systems.

As an experiment, I recommend abstaining from all po*rn (videos and images) for 30 days while noticing the changes happening to your body. If you find it hard to do this, then you have a legit addiction. (And the first step to conquering it is becoming aware that it’s a real problem.)

There’s also something else you can do during this 30-day period to supercharge your results.

In fact, this little secret (that I’d guess less than 1% of men know about) will give you immense energy, piercing mental clarity, abundant creativity, and a “killer instinct” that women pick up on (and become drawn to) whenever you’re in their presence.

You’ll start magnetically drawing women in without having to do much at all. And that’s because there’s something simmering beneath the surface that they can SMELL on you. (I’m not sure if you’re giving off pheromones or something else. But you’ll start getting more female attention than ever before.)

And this little-known secret is just one of the many techniques that I teach in my Loving Obsession Protocol, which you can score right now for 50% off (until Sunday evening).

On the LOP product page, I believe I described it like this:

“The se-xual technique I use when NOT having se-x, which gives me unlimited energy, amazing creativity, and tons of raw se-xual power that women can palpably feel (and get turned on by) whenever they’re in my presence. (This is something that can’t be measured, or even scientifically explained, but as soon as you experience it for yourself, you’ll be a true believer.)”

As my singing coach likes to say, “It’s straight titties, bro.”

(That’s drunken rockstar-speak for “It’s quite an effective technique which I wholeheartedly endorse.”)

And if you’re curious to see if this is right for you (and if you even qualify to purchase it), you can go here to check it out:

>>>Get Your Hands on the “Loving Obsession” Protocol (if you qualify)

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P.P.S. Here’s a few more of the tasty morsels you’ll find inside…

The dangerous game you can play with a woman’s fertility cycle to cement your status as the only man she can’t stop thinking about. (After you learn this one, you’ll fully understand why I have a screening process and don’t want to put any of these tactics on video.)

The “Genghis Khan-inspired tactic” that uses the emotions of “hate” and “disgust” to activate a woman’s buried primal bonding mechanism which forces her to pledge her se-xual servitude to an “aggressive” lover. (Warning for “nice guys”: This one is shocking and will make you extremely uncomfortable. But not using it will ensure that you keep “finishing last” with women, forever.)

The “animal training process” I walk women through that makes Cesar Milan seem like a clueless hack in comparison.

The physiological trick you need to do IMMEDIATELY AFTER se-x that ensures your woman bonds to you on a very deep level. (This one takes less than 10 minutes and hijacks her body’s natural bonding mechanism to ensure she bonds to YOU and you ONLY.)

How I use my cell phone to remotely administer a drug-like cocktail of emotions that keeps a girl completely hooked on my unique concoction of se-xual medicine. (Just like with actual medicine, keeping your girl in a blissed-out state requires administering a frequent dose of “love chemicals” at just the right times and in just the right amounts. My secret recipe spells it all out for you.)

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