The annoying doctor who prescribes painful relationship panaceas

had another crazy weekend with the Russian yoga girl which was far from relaxing. Even though she’s completely in love and ready to have my babies, I know there’s more work to be done.

And by “work,” I’m referring to using additional elements of my “soul-locking protocol” which gently leads a woman into a perpetual state of loving obsession and devotion.

Even though it’s now been two full months since yoga girl had the good fortune of meeting her lord and master, Jay Cataldo, we’ve actually only hung out a few times. So it would be a huge mistake on my part to slack off when I could be cranking things up to another level.

Therefore, I decided to unleash another tactic (one of my favorites) as we were dining outside in NYC – a tactic which had her little heart pounding out of her chest all throughout dinner and paved the way for some interesting adventures later in the evening.

(I’ll be handing you the launch codes for this one IF you have the patience to make it through another long, meandering email. Hang in there.)

Now, as powerful as this tactic is, I can’t take the credit for it. And that’s because I wouldn’t have even attempted this deplorable act if it weren’t for the incredibly annoying voice in my head, endlessly repeating a simple, singular message:

“Jay, if you don’t do it… some other guy will. And he’s gonna end up stealing her away.”

And it wasn’t my voice that was blasting this message. No, this was the voice of the most annoying person I’ve ever met (who happens to be a medical doctor).

I met this annoying bastard more than two decades ago and, somehow, he’s gotten even more irritating over the years. But there’s a rather unusual reason why this dude is so goddamn slappable.

It’s not his personality, since most people would actually get along with him just fine. He’s intelligent, successful, and fun to hang with. He also happens to be a WIZARD with the ladies.

But whenever I speak to him, I end up drenched by a tsunami of unsolicited advice; advice which, about 99% of the time, is completely spot on.

Let me tell you… being around someone who’s always friggin right is a miserable experience which makes your ego feel like it got pushed off a 12-story balcony into a dumpster full of broken glass.

But I’d be a fool not to acknowledge that only good things happen when I apply his teachings.

On a side note, one of the reasons I’ve accomplished so much in my short time on this planet is because I’ve always sought out other men I can learn from; men who tend to be older, more intelligent, and far more accomplished than I am.

As painful as it is, I’m less interested in having my ego fluffed and far more interested in uncovering the cheat codes to life.

And, like me, if you’re also looking to have amazing relationships with women who worship the ground you walk on, then you’re about to be gifted with an incredibly powerful cheat code, courtesy of my annoying doctor buddy. (It’s a concept that less than 1% of guys understand, much less incorporate into their relationships.)

You see, over the years, Doctor Poonslayer repeated one piece of advice more than any other.

With this particular suggestion, he was beyond relentless. I can’t tell you how often I’d be thinking, “Dude, you’ve already told me this 100 times. Knock it off already, you exasperating son of a bitch.”

Now, the reason he put this suggestion on endless repeat was partially because he’s an excellent hypnotist, but moreso because he legitimately cared about my success and refused to sit back and watch me fail with women, over and over again.

The truth was, as much as I thought I got the message, I really didn’t. For some reason, it took me nearly two decades to fully internalize one of the most important lessons I’ve been lucky enough to learn about female se-xuality.

Part of me was resisting this piece of advice because it threatened to painfully flip my worldview upside down. I much preferred living in a fantasy world where all females were innocent, virginal Disney princesses, rather than be forced to accept their true nature.

Which means it was ME who needed a good slapping.

Thankfully, my buddy refused to let me live in my fake reality, since he knew that this lesson would completely change the way women would treat me for the rest of my life.

And since all the b.s. relationship drama tends to disappear when you’re se-xing your lady in the way she desperately craves, this really is the closest thing to a “cure-all” for most of your dating problems.

Luckily for you, you’re about to be handed a free bottle of this snake-oil-free panacea, so raise your glass and toast Doctor Poosy for being the annoying, unrelenting bastard that he is.

Without further ado, the truism that my buddy still, to this day, repeats over and over (and will one day have etched on his tombstone) is simply this:

“If you want girls to be crazy about you, you have to make them do crazy sh*t.”

It’s as simple as that.

But as simple as it is, it’s tough to put into practice. I had a difficult time accepting that even the sweetest girl-next-door type has a bottomless well of depravity hidden deep inside her.

But if you can help her drink from that well, she will start to become absolutely obsessed with you.

Mindvana is one way to do this. But you’ll also need to do additional things inside (and outside) the bedroom.

My buddy knows all about this because this dude is the KING of making girls do crazy sh*t. You wouldn’t believe the stories if I showed you video proof, but I can attest that his approach makes Girls Gone Wild look like Sesame Street.

But you don’t need to go all-out like he does to reap the benefits of this tactic. You just need to get comfortable leading girls outside of their se-xual comfort bubbles.

(And since girls nowadays all act like amateur po-rn stars, it’s even more important that you’re able to stand out and give them a se-xual experience that they can’t get anywhere else.)

When the average guy wants to make his girl’s heart pound, he’ll typically take her to a scary movie, a haunted house, or an amusement park. He’s forced to rely on external factors, since he has no idea how to create intense emotions on command with just a few simple words.

But when you’re able to have this effect on a woman without any “props,” she’ll start to convince herself that you’re simply “better” than all the other men in her life.

(And also keep in mind that by NOT doing this, you’re making it easy for some other guy to swoop in and scoop up your girl. It’s just as foolish as sleeping with your front door wide open, with a neon sign flashing “please help yourself to my most prized possessions.”)

Getting back to my yoga girl, because my emails are read by thousands of people, I can’t tell you exactly what I made her do as we dined in NYC surrounded by the watchful eyes of other patrons. Nor can I tell you what else I did to her that night as we took a stroll down the Hudson River. It’s just too personal.

But I CAN tell you that she couldn’t stop talking about those events for days, afterwards. And that’s because the crazy things she was “forced” to do made her feel emotions she rarely gets to experience.

And I’ll be teaching you everything I did, step-by-step (as well as how to make a woman do nearly anything you want) when I finally launch the soul-locking protocol. You’ll receive a very simple script that anyone can utilize (without knowing anything about hypnosis) to get a woman to do things neither you, nor her, would ever imagine she’d be doing, since she’ll be in a perpetual state of arousal whenever she’s with you.

Since day one, my students have wondered how they can use the Mindvana techniques in the bedroom, along with all the other things I do outside of Mindvana, to make women obsessed with pleasing me.

And I plan on teaching all of this and more, in my new se-xual obsession protocol (launching shortly) that’s designed to complement Mindvana in every way.

There’s literally nothing else like this on the market. And I know this, because I buy almost every course/program/workshop that comes out, since it’s the only way I can ensure my products are the very best around.

So if you’re interested in learning how to use se-x as weapon to make women utterly obsessed with you and willing to do nearly ANYTHING you ask of them, then you definitely don’t want to miss this.

But only Mindvana students will be allowed to purchase it. So if you haven’t come aboard yet, then now’s the perfect time to step your game up.

And for everyone who’s been asking, yes, the Mindvana Method works just as well over webcam, so even these crazy covid times are no excuse for not learning one of the most important skill sets you could ever learn.

And you can join our community right here:

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