Magic hypnosis tape helps woman achieve powerful o-gasms

I received an interesting email this morning from a woman I took on as a pro-bono client.

She found my youtube channel and wanted to learn how to become multi-orgasmic. But when I spoke to her, she explained that she had never had one before.

We had our first session last week and then today I receive this:


“Ok so we only had one session and I had my first orgasm today at 52 years old. I didn’t think it would really happen but I was so grateful and happy today I was on cloud 9 and felt so amazing for hours after. I tried again to listen to a self hypnosis tape which I have done in the past and never had it work. This time was different but only because of what you helped me with in that first session.

I felt like I had permission to let myself feel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could do something amazing for you too.” – Christine


I personally wasn’t expecting that to happen considering we didn’t do any o-gasmic work during our session. I didn’t even mention o-gasms, in fact.

In turns out that she was traumatized by an early se-xual experience. Her mind believed it was keeping her safe by preventing her from feeling things past a certain point.

We did some work on the trauma and her brilliant subconscious mind decided to take care of the rest.

(There was no magic in the hypnosis track she listened to. She just needed to have her blockages removed.)

This stuff isn’t rocket science and any man can learn how to do it.

And even if you have no desire to become an “o-gasm therapist,” every man can and SHOULD learn how to give his woman the gift of multiple full-body o’s.

Especially since it allows you to become quite the lazy bastard in the bedroom while reaping tremendous rewards.

Put some work in now and get treated like a king for a lifetime. Sounds fair enough.

And you can get fitted for your crown right here:

>>>Learn how to give her the ultimate gift and become the only man who’ll ever matter

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