The one word that makes women eager to molest you

The Coming 2 America sequel was meager, as expected. I don’t watch much TV, so I sometimes forget the extent to which feminism has invaded everything.

All the men in the movie are huge pussies, including the king. The women are all strong, brilliant, and correct about everything, always.

Well, Wesley Snipes was pretty badass, but of course he gets his ass kicked by a teenage girl. Sigh.

The common theme throughout all these mangina movies is that women know everything, and therefore, should hold all the power so they can always get everything they want.

And for a man to be a true hero, he needs to give women all the power so they can always get everything they want.

One example is the new prince promising to toss tradition in the garbage so some girl he likes can open a barbershop. Another is King Akeem promising his daughter that he’ll start making sweeping changes with her guidance (since teenage girls make the best advisors).

And, yes, we find out in a flashback that Prince Akeem was drugged and date r@ped by a wildebeest. But no worries, because when a woman r@pes a man it’s always cute and funny.

(But if “gender” is just a social construct, doesn’t this chick deserve the Harvey Weinstein treatment? It’s all so confusing.)

My dumb male brain isn’t smart enough to understand any of this, which is I why I minimize my consumption of modern entertainment.

But what I DO understand is how to make women ridiculously aroused and eager to molest you, by spitting some regal game.

And I assure you that giving women everything they ask for has the opposite effect.

In fact, the one word that turns women on more than any other is the word “NO.”

As in, “Hell no you can’t open a damn barbershop. Now grab the sponge and come wash the royal scepter.”

That’s one surefire way to make women crazy with lust.

The second, much more effective way (which comes with a “guaranteed to be date r@ped” money back guarantee) can be found right here:

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