My girl is freaking out. How I can recover from this?

My Russian girl has started panicking over the recurring hangovers we’ve both been suffering from.

Not from alcohol, mind you, but from our weekend-long marathon sessions.

After floating in and out of trance for an entire weekend, it’s normal to feel a bit off for a couple of days, afterward. But experiencing frequent fuzzy Mondays and Tuesdays is starting to bother her, and she brought this to my attention.

“Baby, I feel weird and this make me worry. Maybe means we are not good for each other?”

And while most guys faced with this question might start to panic, it gives you a great opportunity to practice your reframing skills.

As in… “X isn’t really X. It’s actually Y and here’s why…”

Pop quiz: how would you respond to this?

Send over your response and I’ll share the best ones tomorrow.

Stay tuned…


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