Unethical Hypnotist Surreptitiously Violates Cute Canadian Colleague

What a great headline, right? I crack myself up.

So here’s what happened…

This past weekend, a cute Canadian hypnotist asked to interview me for her podcast.

She was very curious about Mindvana, and while I was explaining how it all works, I made sure to do a covert demo using conversational hypnosis patterns (the ones Ross Jeffries made famous).

While Mindvana isn’t meant to be used conversationally, you can modify some of the techniques to make them completely covert and able to be used in a normal conversation.

If you’re interested in conversational hypnosis, check out the podcast and see if you can pick up all the different techniques I used.

I’ll be sending out another email on Monday that explains what I was doing, in detail.

Watch it here: Mindvana Interview with Johanna

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • How I got started learning hypnosis
  • Why hypnosis doesn’t always work and what to do when you get stuck
  • The most important principle behind becoming a great hypnotist
  • Why nitpicking over terminology is a waste of time
  • Why I don’t always use hypnosis with my clients
  • The #1 thing potential clients look for when deciding to hire a hypnotist or coach
  • Why hypnosis isn’t always enough to get someone the change they want
  • One thing I do to guarantee that my clients get results
  • Why my hypnosis approach is completely different than 99% of other hypnotists, and why doing things MY way leads to better results
  • The time I asked sex researchers to help me prove that hypnotic orgasms are real
  • How I came up with the idea for my famous viral YouTube video series
  • The time I was attacked by an army of 13-year-old trolls who wanted my head on a pike

Go check it out and look for the breakdown email on Monday.

Talk soon,


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