“Scamming” hypnotist forced to fess up to embarrassing flaws

One of our members thinks I should have kept my mouth shut about the dominatrix chick…


“Hi Jay. Just some advice for you… I know you need content for your newsletter but I wouldn’t have written about that dominatrix woman. I know it is a teaching point but it shows that she touched something inside you and that you actually cared about what she said. Also you posted someone (who is a loser nonetheless) saying something negative about your product. Now you have put a kernel of thought into all your readers that there may be an iota of truth to it.” – Larry


Thanks for the feedback, Larry. Here’s my take…

First off, the woman isn’t a student and didn’t bother to check out the program before jumping to erroneous conclusions and making baseless accusations. Had she actually gone through the material, she might have been able to offer helpful feedback, which I’m always open to receiving.

Secondly, I’m far beyond the point of “caring about what people say” on an emotional level.

Long before my youtube channel took off, I spent a lot of time on twitter and rocked a 100k+ follower count. And while twitter can certainly be a harsh hangout spot, youtube’s comment section is even less respectful of weak constitutions, I can tell you that.

Between these 2 platforms, I’ve learned how horrid and vile the internet can be.

I’ve been called an ugly loser, an abusive rapist, and a tiny-di*ked douchebag.

I’ve gotten multiple death threats and lots of suicide “suggestions” (some from women who believe that “short men shouldn’t exist” lol).

I’ve been blitzed by a hundred-man-army of internet trolls who told me, all on the same day, that I was a lying scammer who should kill himself to make the world a better place.

But the comment that nearly pushed me over the edge was the time some 13yo kid said I was “fake and ghey.”

Not gonna lie… that one helped finance my therapist’s Ferrari. (He sends that kid a Christmas card every year.)

Now here’s the thing…

As crazy as this might seem, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Look, if you can’t handle mean words, you should stay far away from the internet. But after you learn to stomach them, you can then start to be GRATEFUL for them.

Back when I was a normal human being with normal insecurities, those nasty comments helped me toughen up. And now that I have thicker skin than most honey badgers, I’ve been using them to help grow my business.

These generous trolls feed me fr-ee content that I can use to craft compelling messages which, not only help sell my products, but help me deliver value and insight to my readers via my meandering and moderately entertaining emails.

The way I see it, if my scribblings make you laugh and forget about your daily stressors for even a few minutes, then I’m on the right track.

But hold up…

“Jay, you said you no longer care “on an emotional level.” Does that mean you actually DO care what crazy people have to say about you?”

Absolutely I do.

I look at every comment I receive as a form of feedback. Most of it is completely useless, but I pay attention to all of it, because even a blathering idiot will occasionally serve up some useful info.

In the case of the dominatrix, she offered nothing I wasn’t already aware of. But it got me thinking that I should briefly talk about se-xual trauma, since it’s often at the root of many relationship challenges.

Now, as to “implanting kernels of thought” that my products may be flawed, let me say this…

No product (or person) is 100% perfect and without flaws. Not a single one.

Instead of trying to bullsh*t everyone by pretending Mindvana is flawless in every way, I’d rather discuss its warts right out in the open. For example…

The first big issue is that it’s not a method you can learn overnight.

Hypnosis has always been historically challenging to learn, due to many teachers cloaking their teachings in secrecy (to keep their followers coming back for more).

I did my best to simplify the entire process, and I think I did a great job. But since every woman responds a bit differently, you’ll need to have a solid grasp of the skill-set so you can effectively troubleshoot when you’re not hitting the mark.

And it DOES take study and practice to get to this point. No way around it.

Next one… For some guys, Mindvana might not be affordable. If you’re struggling financially (due to covid layoffs, etc.) you may not be able to pay $47 a month.

And while I do teach some therapeutic techniques in the program, please be aware that Mindvana is not designed to help you cure severe se-xual traumas.

(Just an fyi, I do offer discounts on my therapy sessions for the girlfriends and wives of Mindvana students. Message me privately for details).

The bottom line is this:

I refuse to B.S. you and say you’ll be a master of hypnotic o-gasms by the end of next week. But luckily for you, giving a girl hypno o-gasms is the LEAST important part of the process.

Just the easy-to-pull-off preliminary steps are often enough to make women completely crazy about you. Watch some of the Mindvana vids where I had girls ready to jump in my lap during the first couple of sessions, even after I “failed” to give them o-gasms.

(Pro tip: You can never really fail unless you stop trying. And even your failed attempts to bring a girl to o-gasm can have massively beneficial and long-lasting effects.)

So, yes, learning this stuff can be tricky. But that’s one of the reasons why I make myself available for my students.

Over the last five years, I’ve answered 99% of the questions I’ve received (via the now defunct forum, direct emails, and youtube comments). In fact, I spend a chunk of my day answering questions from people who aren’t even paying members.


Because when I first started learning back in ’97, I would have sold both my kidneys to have someone to turn to for advice and guidance. (On top of shortening my learning curve, it would have also prevented me from taking that years-long study break after getting fed-up and frustrated with my lack of progress.)

And now that you have me in your corner, as long as you keep practicing and ask questions when you get stuck, there’s a 99% chance that you’ll successfully learn everything I have to teach you.

And while I’m quite sure I’ll eventually figure out how to make Mindvana even better, I can assure you that, as I write this, there is no better ero-tic hypnosis program on the market.

You’re welcome to buy up every other course out there and see for yourself. Or you can just take my word for it.

Again, my role here is to encourage you, inspire you, and help you replicate all of my results. Every guy reading this can achieve what I have, especially when it comes to your dating life.

And it’s also completely normal to be skeptical and disbelieving until the results finally slap you right in the face.

The first time I walked down the street holding hands with a 6’3 model who would occasionally interrupt her graceful stride to bend down and make out with me, I was rightfully shocked.

Not so much about the kissing part… shocked that she didn’t offer me a bottle of pills and a razor blade. 😉

I guess the lesson here is this…

Just like with all of life’s rules, a woman’s rules are meant to be broken.

And if you’re ready to break through the chains of your insecurities and start breaking hearts just like the very bad men that beautiful woman line up to be hurt by (since they love seeking out uncertainty and drama)…

…then you might want to check out the hopelessly flawed home study course that gets ridiculed by dominatrixes and 13-year-olds the world over.

>>>Become one of the world’s fakest hypnotists by learning to give women fake o-gasms that are far more pleasurable than the ones they typically fake with their lousy lovers

P.S. The dominatrix has a youtube channel and, wouldn’t ya know… she actually took time out of her busy ball-busting schedule to write me a love song and serenade me from her beautiful bathroom. To be honest, I feel compelled to give our relationship a second chance…

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