The secret to avoiding a lifetime of misery and disappointment

I said I was wrapping up my happiness series last Friday but it turns out that I’m a big, fat liar, because there’s one more tip I want to share with you.

Speaking of lying, one of the biggest lies we’ve been sold is that happiness is something that needs to be achieved – that after accomplishing our goals and dreams we’ll find happiness and satisfaction waiting for us at the finish line.

It makes logical sense, but it just ain’t so.

What’s waiting at the finish line is a burst of dopamine – a momentary feeling of pleasure that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.

But only for a short time. And then your brain thinks up 50 other things you haven’t accomplished yet.

It’ll continuously point out new, potential problems and convince you they need to be solved before you can be happy.

And it won’t stop until the day you die.

The worst part is that your mind doesn’t understand the concept of “the future.” Everything is either happening right now, or it doesn’t exist.

Which means that telling yourself you’ll eventually get to be happy “someday” is the equivalent of saying “never.” You’ll be waiting for a huge payoff that never comes while trapped in a life-long cycle of misery and disappointment.

But there is a way to win this game. And you do so by realizing that happiness is found along the JOURNEY, not the destination.

All throughout the plotting and planning, the ups and downs, the occasional small wins, the roadblocks, setbacks and huge failures…

…that’s where your happiness is hiding.

In other words, it’s all around you at this very moment.

Set go set fun, challenging goals for yourself that light you up and motivate you to keep moving forward. And then train yourself to enjoy every second of the experience.

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Ciao for now.


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