Sneaky student illegally seduces unsuspecting sunbathers

One of my students read a “field report” on another hypnosis forum about someone using Mindvana to pick up girls on the beach.

He guessed that the author was a LHF student, since I advise all of my students to use the same approach.

Step 1: Approach a group/individual and build some rapport.

Step 2: Say, “Wanna see something cool about the way your mind works?”

Step 3: Jump right into the suggestibility tests (call them “imagination games”) or the Mindvana Lite protocol.

Step 4: Start eliciting positive emotional states like happiness, love, peace, sexiness, etc. Set triggers for each state so you can fire them off at will.

Step 5: Elicit (non-se-xual) pleasure states.

Step 6: After their mind is blown, ask them if they’d like to see more.

Step 7: Move on to the more risqué stuff while calibrating to make sure they’re comfortable with everything.

(And you can learn steps 1 through 6 fr-ee of charge by downloading my fr-ee “mini-inductions” video with Kiara Gomez, along with the fr-ee Mindvana Lite video, if you haven’t already).

Allegedly, this guy would chat up girls on the beach, give them hypnotic o-gasms, and then invite them back to his house to hang out. And he said about 50% would happily go with him.

He also got a lot of flack from the forum members for admitting that he doesn’t even mention the word “hypnosis” (I’m probably the only hypnosis teacher who recommends this approach.)

I occasionally get flack for this myself, usually from some sanctimonious newb that knows nothing about hypnosis but is somehow convinced this must be “illegal” in the era of #me-too.

Here’s the thing…

There’s nothing sneaky or unethical about not specifically telling a subject you’re about to hypnotize them.

Either way, the process you walk them through remains 100% consensual (meaning they still have to consent to each step), and your subject can rescind their consent at any time.

You’re not trying to hide anything. In fact, I usually tell them after we finish that what we just did was a form of hypnosis.

But when you tell them up front, you’re rolling the dice, since they might have some fears or misconceptions that need to be addressed and allayed. And then you’ll have to waste time delivering a pre-talk (which sometimes does more harm them good by accidentally implanting additional fears).

But feel free to tell them straight away if you want. Some people will be excited and look forward to being hypnotized for the first time.

Just don’t expect the near-100% success rate that Mindvana Lite delivers.

Anyhoo, got a question for ya…

Now that you have the blueprint, why not go test out this approach and see if you can get the same results? Again, you can learn all of it without having to spend a dime.

Go strap on a pair of brass balls and give it a shot. Then shoot me an email and let me know how it went.

And once you see for yourself that my fr-ee material works like gangbusters, you’ll be even more excited to step your game up by learning how to give women one of the most amazing experiences of their lives.

And you can learn all of my sneaky, unethical and borderline-illegal tricks right here:


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