The fastest way to make money with your new hypnosis skills

When getting ready to start a new hypnosis business, most savvy marketers would advise you to make a name for yourself in one specific niche.

For instance, instead of advertising a fix for every problem under the sun, you would market yourself as a hypnotist who specializes in “phobia elimination” or “smoking cessation.”

It’s better to drill down even further and offer your services to a highly specific group of people.

“Stage fright elimination for singers” or “smoking cessation for busy moms.”

And while I always thought the 3 best niches were weight loss, smoking cessation, and stress reduction, I just discovered a new one that has the potential to be incredibly lucrative.

Just received this email from a potential client…


“I know you are trying to get people to experience the demonic realms of existence. I have a host of real demonic astral entities that you might like to take off my hands. Let me know, Thanks” – Ima Puhzest


If you look at the state of the world, we can assume that a growing number of people will require the services of a hypnotist specializing in demonic astral entity removal.

Not to mention, it’ll look super cool on a business card.

If you want to start making money with your hypnosis skills, I recommend that new students start by offering simple stress reduction sessions. They’re easy to do (even for beginners) and your clients will love them.

Not to mention, people are desperately in need of this. Therapists have been slammed with new patients since all this craziness started, and the demand is going to keep rising.

My “7-Day Quick Start Course” comes with a fr-ee bonus video (in the first complimentary month of your Mastermind Membership) that explains how to structure a stress reduction session, if you’re interested in learning this.

The Quick Start Course is designed to give you a solid hypnosis foundation in only 7 days. It’s a great compliment to Mindvana Lite, since it explains WHY everything works as it dramatically expands your skill-set.

You’ll learn all about pre-framing, inductions, deepeners, how to deliver suggestions, how to elicit hypnotic phenomena (like arm levitation and freezing someone’s body), and even some basic therapy exercises.

After a few days of practice, you’ll be able to deliver impressive hypnosis demonstrations to anyone who’s curious and wants to see what all the fuss is about.

And after impressing them with a solid demo, you could sign them up for paid stress reduction (or exorcism) sessions right there on the spot.

You can get the entire program for only $67 right here (holy water and rosary beads sold separately):

>>>Get the most comprehensive and easy to follow introductory hypnosis course on the market

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