The kind of garbage dating advice that dooms you to a life of celibacy

Some semi-famous, ex-pua dating coach (who’s made millions off the pua crowd) posted some ridiculous nonsense on facebook the other day:


“Make up costs a LOT of money. Therefore when a woman goes on a date with you it costs her significantly more than most men realize.

She has to REALLY believe it’s worth the emotional, time AND financial investment to see you.

Dudes should remember that and make sure the date is something she wouldn’t want to miss.”


I’m guessing this guy is trying to pivot into coaching women because these “female friendly” messages equate to garbage advice for men.

I assure you that the guys hooking up with the women you want aren’t enticing them with elaborate date ideas they “wouldn’t want to miss.”

The date just sets the stage for the seduction. It doesn’t need to be (nor SHOULD be) elaborate.

The caveat is if the woman is question is already your girlfriend. If she’s proven her worth, then feel free to occasionally take her on nice trips, to high-end restaurants, etc.

But when spending time with a new girl, you’ll make a far better impression when you strip away all desire to impress her.

As we all know, female entitlement is at an all-time high. It’s bad enough that even moderately attractive girls now believe they deserve a wealthy celebrity. But on top of that, the sugar baby thing is completely out of control.

Just found out that a girl I hung out with last week gets paid around $600 for each “date” she goes on.

(How lovely. She must be quite the skilled conversationalist.)

I took her out for a quick dinner (spent about $50 on thai food), and then wowed her with my wine pairing skills by pairing a cheap bottle of pinot noir with some masterful Mindvana-ing.

Shortly thereafter, I found myself being used like a cheap prostitute for hours on end.

Come to think of it, I need to send her a bill for my services. (I always charge extra when they ask to be called “mommy.”)

My point is this…

Everything is getting cleaned up and sanitized in the era of #metoo + covid 2.0. People we should be able to trust are spoon-feeding us terrible advice (and, in many cases, outright lies).

But when it comes to seducing women, the old stuff is the gold stuff.

In other words, even though women might be more neurotic than ever before, they still respond to the same things they always have.

And, as one of my mentors likes to say, a woman can’t be neurotic when she’s having full-body o-gasms.

So go give her the dose of hypnotic lexipro she so desperately craves,

The material in my Seduction Mastery Program (that comes bundled with Mindvana Gold) gives you the blueprint for seducing women of all ages, and it’ll still be viable 50 years from now.

Couple that with Mindvana, which gives you the blueprint for setting up a remote control for female emotions (including their o-gams), and you’ll be able to build anything you want, from a short-term fling to a long-term, loving and loyal relationship with the (hopefully) least neurotic girl you can find.

Tomorrow’s email will discuss the #1 thing that gets women wet and ready to hop into bed with you. In the meantime, you can learn to become an architect of raw female desire right here:

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P.S. There’s a bonus lesson on “property management” hidden in the Seduction Mastery Program. It could very well save you from a painfully unexpected eviction.

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